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Increase your tips by 40%

Encourage customers to leave tips more frequently, potentially increasing your earnings.

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Maximize every job opportunity

Offer your customers an effortless way to book your services online directly through your website and social media accounts.


Schedule and dispatch efficiently

Improve the efficiency and visibility of your business with dynamic scheduling software. Workiz enables your customers to easily book online and access your services 24/7, making it more convenient for them. Additionally, you can manage and categorize all your junk removal jobs in one place, allowing you to view them easily.

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Junk Removal Academy

Your go-to resource for building a thriving junk removal business! Join us and embark on your journey today!

workiz pay

Get paid anytime, anywhere

Control all your financial needs in a one-stop shop with WorkizPay. With card readers, you can get paid faster in the field, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any payments. Additionally, the flexible payment plans available through WorkizPay can help you close more high-priced jobs, giving you more revenue.

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communications suite

Never miss a call again

Book more jobs and improve your bottom line with Workiz’s communication suite. With easy-to-manage calls and messages, you can provide a superior experience that customers will love. Workiz also offers automatic review request reminders, allowing you to gather feedback from satisfied customers and enhance your reputation.

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Revolutionize your customer service

Ensure great customer service and never drop the ball with Workiz’s automatic service reminders. Keeping your customers in the loop via text message can also help strengthen relationships and increase word-of-mouth referrals. With Workiz’s review request feature, you can request reviews from satisfied customers to generate new leads and improve your business’s reputation.

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route planning

Reduce travel time and cut 30% off gas costs

Finish the day on time with efficient route planning and GPS tracking. With Workiz’s routing tools, you can optimize routes and reduce mileage, resulting in a 30% reduction in gas costs. By planning routes in just a few seconds, you can quickly and easily manage your time and stay on top of your schedule.

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Success Story

Junk Doctors

Prior to using Workiz, Junk Doctors was losing customers part way through the online booking process. By making the switch to Workiz, the company saw a 100 percent increase in online bookings thanks to its easily integrated and user-friendly junk removal scheduling software.

Workiz reporting tools made it easy for Junk Doctors to track key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement. They were able to track each tech and streamline scheduling to ultimately increase average revenue per job.

Today, Junk Doctors is a growing $3.5 million a year business with 15 trucks and three locations in North Carolina.

Christian And Lee W Junk Drs Truck 1
Junk Doctors doubled online bookings and increased average job revenue thanks to Workiz's field management solutions.
Workiz is the best system out there
Shane Miller
Marketing specialist at Junk Removal Authority
Shane Miller Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
My whole business is all in one place
Mitch Harrison
Founder, CEO of Junk Masters
Mitch Harrison Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
The only thing I use for my business is Workiz
Titus Zeigler
Owner of Haul Away Junk Removal
Titus Zeigler Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz makes my business run a lot smoother!
James Thornton
Owner of Cupid disposal
James Thornton Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
We've seen a massive growth with Workiz
Jerry Flanagan
CEO and co-founder of JDog
Jerry Flanagan Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
My reviews have gone up tenfold!
Andrew Thompson
Founder and CEO of Jedi Junk Removal
Andrew Thompson Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
Our scheduling has improved and retention rates on jobs have increased by 10%
Owner of Removerz
Tega Testimonial Ratio 615×450
Workiz makes booking our appointments super easy.
Theodore Proia
Owner, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, Elkridge, MD
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Why junk removal pros love Workiz?

With the Workiz field service mobile app, your pros can:

  • See their upcoming jobs
  • Call, text, and email clients
  • Send estimates and invoices
  • Accept payments in the field
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Common questions

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What's junk removal scheduling software?

Fully customizable for the junk removal industry, Workiz is an easy-to-use, all-in-one field service management software that lets you run your entire business from your desktop or cell phone. 

Keep track of your techs in real-time, schedule and dispatch jobs, view the status of incoming leads, and keep an eye on your bottom lines. You can also view your customer history, get paid, and easily create invoices. 

You can access Workiz from anywhere. Seamlessly integrated desktop and mobile versions let your team members and dispatchers use it anywhere with cell service.

How can junk removal scheduling software contribute to my bottom line?

Workiz is the most efficient way to grow your junk removal business. For starters, it’s the ONLY field service management software that fully integrates with Thumbtack, Angi, and Google’s Local Services Ads, enabling you to get more leads and be the first to respond to them.

Secondly, Workiz is the most efficient tool to boost your reputation and impress your customers. You can communicate with your customers, send reminders, and avoid delays – all while creating a seamless customer experience. Workiz also helps you impress potential customers by integrating with NiceJob and Signpost, making it easy to send an automatic review request that is likely to bring more jobs your way. 

Junk removal teams who use Workiz report an average revenue increase of 22%!

Does Workiz integrate with QuickBooks?

Of course! Workiz integrates with QuickBooks, an app that automatically syncs customers, invoices, and payment information to help you keep track of your business records and always stay on top of your finances.

Even better, your junk removers can utilize QuickBooks’ mobile app to help you stay ahead of the competition and generate estimates before your competitors. Your team can easily generate invoices in the field, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring you get paid on time. Workiz has dozens of integrations to help you run your business more smoothly. 

With payment solutions provided by Stripe (Workiz Pay) and Sunbit, you don’t have to waste time syncing multiple platforms. Now you can collect payments, create invoices, and report back to you, all from one place.

Can junk removers use Workiz on the job?

Yup! In fact, it’s actively encouraged! Workiz can help them communicate with customers on the go and set their GPS routes to get to every job site on time. Workiz can also generate invoices for your customers as soon as the job is completed and send review requests to your most satisfied customers in order to boost your reputation. 

As a business owner, Workiz enables you to track each of your employee’s location and performance in real-time, no matter what state and time zone they’re in. You can also use the app to keep track of your trucks and inventory.

Can I send junk removal estimates using Workiz?

Absolutely! With Workiz, you can instantly generate estimates, allowing you to be the first to respond to the lead – and be the one most likely to win the job. You can even customize quotes to make your brand memorable and keep customers coming back without breaking a sweat. 

We’d love you to try our Sales Proposals feature, an estimate format that lets you close more deals by offering “good, better, best” pricing options. Since most clients tend to go for the mid-range option or the premium one, you’re likely to get paid more than you normally charge per job without increasing your service rates. 

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