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Built by and for field service professionals

Our mission

To bridge the gap between selling online and serving offline

Workiz helps field service teams grow by giving them a platform to scale their business with no extra work. With Workiz, you can manage your pros, leads, jobs, workflows, and payments and deliver the highest quality service to your customers.

Our story

The Workiz journey began with a couple of locksmith pros down in San Diego, California who surfed the waves by day and saved people who got locked out of their homes by night. The bigger their locksmith business grew, the more they realized how much time they were wasting on daily mundane tasks and that they needed a software system to help them out. In 2015, after extensive research they found nothing that perfectly suited the needs of their business and out of sheer frustration they decided to take matters into their own hands and create their very own field service digital headquarters.

Today, Workiz is one of the leading field service platforms with over 110,000 service pros who use and trust Workiz. We strive to help top field service professionals at the top of their game turn into business professionals who are increasing their revenue, and streamlining their operations. Our hope is that when we’re old and gray and ready to retire your business will be thriving and you will have the freedom to choose your next steps

Our values

At Workiz, we live on the growing edge and believe growth trumps everything else. Our growth mindset is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from our hiring decisions to our client growth, as well as product development and service culture. We pride ourselves in solving problems and creating solutions that make life easier, so we can all focus on what we love the most. The team at Workiz are creative thinkers and embody the perfect combination of empathy and drive. The success and growth of our customers are our top priorities, and we are constantly improving to ensure those goals are met.

You need Workiz to grow!

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From surfer dudes with an idea to 130 amazing employees

  • 2022 Tracxn’s list of construction “Soonicorns” (emerging unicorns)
  • 2021 & 2022 — top Field Service management software for small businesses by G2
  • 2021 Inc’s 500 fastest-growing private companies in North America
  • 2021 fastest-growing private companies in the pacific
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This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower your teams 🦄

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Join the gang at Workiz

We’re building a culture at Workiz where amazing people (like you) can thrive. If you’re ready to grow your career and meet some new friends along the way, you’ve come to the right place.
Within a short period of time, our scheduling has improved and retention rates on jobs have increased by 10%
Tega Testimony Aspect Ratio 250 250
Owner of Removerz
Workiz makes booking our appointments super easy.
Theodore Proia Testimony V3 Aspect Ratio 250 250
Theodore Proia
Owner, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, Elkridge, MD
I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
Lee Godbold Aspect Ratio 250 250
Lee Godbold
Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
Since we started with Workiz, my company has grown 3 times in revenue every year.
Yuriy Dyomkin Testimony V2 Aspect Ratio 250 250
Yuriy Dyomkin
Owner, Garage Door Ninja
Best bang for your buck field service management software! No more pen and paper.
Andrew Knicley Hvac Testimony Aspect Ratio 250 250
Andrew Knicley
HVAC company owner, All-Air Systems
An absolute game-changer! You can do your entire business through Workiz.
user silhouette
Justin Sharifi
Founder, Proline Junk Haulers
One of the most perfect software I have ever used for managing my HVAC business.
user silhouette
Aziz Elawady
Owner, Bright Star HVAC LLC
Easy to use for all employees updates and scheduling clients
user silhouette
Isabelle Reda
I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
Lee Godbold Aspect Ratio 250 250
Lee Godbold
Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
Easy setup, Easy to use, Fantastic lead management with history including notes, calls, and texts.
Choice Garage Door
Ivan B
Owner @ Choice Garage Door
I always recommend Workiz. It's incredible and has doubled our bookings and sales.
Christian Fowler Vertical Aspect Ratio 250 250
Christian Fowler
Co-founder, Junk Doctors
I really like how simple, sleek and easy to use Workiz is.
Solomon Raymond Testimony V2 Aspect Ratio 250 250
Solomon Raymond
Owner, Seattle Towing
We can automatically send customers reminders about their jobs and create invoices.
Sofiaa Zimulla
Office Manager, All Green Carpet Clean
We use it all day. Everyday. It's incredible.
Shawn Fago Locksmith Testimonial V1 Aspect Ratio 250 250
Shawn Fago
CEO, Noble Locksmith
Workiz helps you gather all this information in a very easy and professional way.
Robert Hr Locksmith V1 Aspect Ratio 250 250
CEO, HR Locksmith 24/7
Workiz will not only improve your business but help generate more business.
Philip Edey
General Manager, Arctic Spa
You can make the system all about you and how your company works.
Melissa Souto
Director of Call Center Operations, Junk Removal
Our business model requires a lot of customization and Workiz was able to fulfill those needs.
Diane Rogers
Dispatch and IT, Trinity Air Medical
Workiz has everything I need in one place — I can schedule jobs, create and send invoices, and keep track of payments.
Austin Lee Hiers
Owner, Let It Go Junk Removal
I love how easy it is to use Workiz Handyman Software. It really is intuitive.
Adam Lampert
Owner, Response Crew

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