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Never miss a call again with Workiz Communication

Workiz Communication provides a comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions, including text messaging, email communication, and a built-in phone system.

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Built-in phone

Experience enhanced communication, faster response times, and superior customer service with the Workiz app’s built-in phone system.

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Grow your business with Workiz

The leading field service platform for teams. Schedule jobs, dispatch, invoice, track performance, and get paid — all in one platform.


Automated messaging

Improve your customer service and increase your revenue by automating text messages for daily tasks. Our system ensures your customers and team members stay informed, whether it’s notifications that a technician is en route or confirmation texts to missed calls, ensuring they know their call has been acknowledged. By automating service plans, overdue invoice alerts, technician appointment reminders, and review requests, you not only streamline operations but also reduce hourly overhead.

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Track calls

Call tags

Enhance visibility and streamline the management and tracking of customer calls with Call Tags.  Easily assign tags to calls directly from your desktop, and eliminate the need to manually sift through calls to determine necessary actions. Dramatically improve workflow efficiency and ensure no opportunity is missed or forgotten.

Illustration Call Tags

Call protection

Call masking

The only field service platform that protects your business from techs canceling jobs and leaving with your customer’s information and being able to contact them privately. Call masking technology ensures your business is always protected and looks professional.

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Ad tracking

Increase your ROI by tracking your ads, linking them to jobs and meeting customers where they are

Call recording

Improve customer service by recording disputes and monitoring customer complaints

Smart call flow builder

Never miss a call with call queues, and create call routing with an interactive voice response

Call Answering Services

Book jobs while you sleep and maximize sales opportunities with Nexa 24/7 live virtual receptionists

Call logs

Save deals at risk, train and empower your team by listening, participating in calls, or whispering to your dispatcher

Create new jobs from a call

Win jobs and secure more customers by booking a job with one click and managing the lead from the dialer

Tracking numbers

Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by assigning unique phone numbers to each campaign and tracking the number of calls and conversions generated.

Source detection

Automatically identify the source of each incoming call, allowing you to track the performance of your marketing efforts and optimize your lead generation strategies.


Quick replies

Stay on brand and consistent by creating your own marketing language with customized messages

Create jobs by messages

Create new jobs faster by automatically extracting the relevant information directly from a message

Flagged messages

Improve the experience for your team and your customers by tracking all problematic messages

Group text

Streamline your communication platforms by messaging your entire team all in one place

Lead management

Book jobs faster by responding to leads and job referrals as soon as they come in

Client portal integration

Impress your customers with a one-stop shop to view their invoices and estimates, pay in bulk, and book a new job

Workiz is the best system out there
Shane Miller
Marketing specialist at Junk Removal Authority
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My whole business is all in one place
Mitch Harrison
Founder, CEO of Junk Masters
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I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
Lee Godbold
Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
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We use it all day. Everyday. It's incredible.
Shawn Fago
CEO, Noble Locksmith
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