The company’s management is committed to the establishment and maintenance of an information security system in the company in accordance with the requirements of ISO-27001 international standard.

The Company’s management is obligated to allocate all necessary measures to maintain information security system, including physical means, technological means, resources, etc. and in accordance with the findings of the risk surveys conducted in the company in the field of information security.

The Company’s management is committed to complying with all legal requirements, standards and regulations relevant to its activities.

The Company’s management is committed to setting goals and objectives in the field of information security and to work to achieve them in accordance with the resources available to it.

The Company’s management will maintain ongoing monitoring and control of the performance of the Company’s information security system and will work to continuously improve this system.

The company’s management will work to raise awareness of information security among employees, suppliers and subcontractors in order to integrate them in the effort to protect the information.

Adi Azaria – CEO
April 2021