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Boost your locksmith business

  • Enhance the Efficiency and Visibility of Your Business with Dynamic Scheduling Software
  • Provide Your Customers with Convenient 24/7 Online Booking
  • View and Categorize All Your Junk Removal Jobs in One Centralized Location with Ease
  • Optimize Task Management by Assigning Jobs to Specific Resources Based on Their Needs
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    Locksmith pros, get paid in the field faster

  • Revolutionize Your Financial Management with WorkizPay The AllinOne Solution
  • Streamline Your Payments by Accepting Card Payments in the Field
  • Boost Sales by Offering Flexible Payment Plans for HighPriced Jobs
  • Experience the Magic of Automated Invoicing, Estimating, and Depositing to Enhance Your Business Operations.
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    Maximize every locksmith job opportunity

    • Control your jobs with Workiz’s Communication Suite
    • Manage Your Calls and Messages with Ease and Deliver Stellar Customer Service
    • Increase Your Revenue by Sending Automatic Review Request Reminders
    • Differentiate Your Business from the Competition by Providing Exceptional Service that Wows Customers

    Win more locksmith jobs

    Empower your customers by sending detailed proposals with multiple options that meet their budgets. Increase your average job revenue and sell additional, premium locksmith services with the “Good, Better, Best” strategy. Drive customers to purchase premium services and ultimately boosting your revenue.


    Reduce transit time and cost

    • Wrap up your day on schedule with streamlined route planning and GPS tracking.
    • Cut your fuel expenses by up to 30% by optimizing your routes and minimizing mileage.
    • Boost your productivity and enhance your customer service with Workiz’s routing tools.
    • Plan your routes in mere seconds for better time management and productivity.
    Melissa Carvajal Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz saved our company 20 hours a week!
    Melissa Carvajal Perez
    Operations manager
    Shane Miller Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz is the best system out there
    Shane Miller
    Marketing specialist at Junk Removal Authority
    Mitch Harrison Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    My whole business is all in one place
    Mitch Harrison
    Founder, CEO of Junk Masters
    Roi Tapiaro Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz is the core of my business
    Roi Tapiaro
    Owner of Must Air USA
    Titus Zeigler Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    The only thing I use for my business is Workiz
    Titus Zeigler
    Owner of Haul Away Junk Removal
    Chris Heenan Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz makes my life a lot easier!
    Chris Heenan
    Owner of AvaAir Heating and cooling
    Omer Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz automated my entire business!
    Owner of Best Pro Services
    James Thornton Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz makes my business run a lot smoother!
    James Thornton
    Owner of Cupid disposal
    Andrea De Leon Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    With Workiz, we function at the highest level possible
    Andrea de Leon
    Director of Operations
    Thomas Scott Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz is significantly impactful for my franchise business
    Thomas Scott
    Founder & CEO, Home Run Franchises
    Jerry Flanagan Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
    We've seen a massive growth with Workiz
    Jerry Flanagan
    CEO and co-founder of JDog
    Andrew Thompson Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
    My reviews have gone up tenfold!
    Andrew Thompson
    Founder and CEO of Jedi Junk Removal
    Tega Testimonial Ratio 615×450
    Our scheduling has improved and retention rates on jobs have increased by 10%
    Owner of Removerz
    Theodore Proia Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz makes booking our appointments super easy.
    Theodore Proia
    Owner, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, Elkridge, MD
    Lee Godbold Testimonials Ratio 615×450 1 Aspect Ratio 615 450 play
    I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
    Lee Godbold
    Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
    Yuriy Dyomkin Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
    Since we started with Workiz, my company has grown 3 times in revenue every year.
    Yuriy Dyomkin
    Owner, Garage Door Ninja
    Andrew Knicley Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
    Best bang for your buck field service management software! No more pen and paper.
    Andrew Knicley
    HVAC company owner, All-Air Systems
    Lee Godbold Testimonials Ratio 615×450 1 Aspect Ratio 615 450 play
    I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
    Lee Godbold
    Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
    Christian Fowler Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
    I always recommend Workiz. It's incredible and has doubled our bookings and sales.
    Christian Fowler
    Co-founder, Junk Doctors
    Shawn Fago Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    We use it all day. Everyday. It's incredible.
    Shawn Fago
    CEO, Noble Locksmith
    Robert Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
    Workiz helps you gather all this information in a very easy and professional way.
    CEO, HR Locksmith 24/7


    Incorporate marketing tools, build customer loyalty and run your business like a well-oiled machine

    Why locksmith pros love Workiz

    With the Workiz field service mobile app, your techs can:

    • See their upcoming jobs
    • Call, text and email customers
    • Send estimates and invoices
    • Accept payments in the field
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    Common questions

    Contact us for any additional questions, we’re happy to help
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    What's a locksmith business management software?

    Fully customizable for the locksmith industry, Workiz is a field service management software that schedules, dispatches, and does many other business-related tasks for you, putting control of your entire business at your fingertips. 

    Featuring a fully integrated state-of-the-art Communications Suite along with an advanced Automation Center to run many of your daily tasks on autopilot, leaving you free to focus on getting more jobs and growing your business.

    How can locksmith business management software improve my bottom line?​

    Not only is Workiz the most efficient way to grow your business, but it can also help you grow it faster than any other FSM software out there. Workiz is the ONLY field service management platform that fully integrates with Angi, Thumbtack, and Google’s Local Services Ads – all online lead sources that are essential to any service pro, garage door repairmen included. Garage door repair teams who use Workiz report an average revenue increase of 22%!

    Among other things, it features flexible payment solutions (operated by Stripe and Sunbit) that help customers afford your services while ensuring you get paid what you deserve. 

    On top of all that, Workiz can help you get more customers by boosting your reputation. It integrates reputation management platforms NiceJob and Signpost and enables you to send automated review requests to satisfied clients in order to boost your rating on Google My Business.

    Moreover, by facilitating seamless communication between you, your techs, and your customers, Workiz enables you to provide an exceptional experience for your customers – one that keeps them coming back.

    Does Workiz integrate with QuickBooks and other apps?​

    Yes! Workiz locksmith business management software fully integrates with QuickBooks, an app that automatically syncs invoices, customers, and payments for you to keep track of your business records and stay in control of your finances.

    Not only that, but with mobile app integrations, your garage door repairmen can generate estimates, invoices, and report revenue in real-time. Workiz also integrates with dozens of other apps, including Google Calendar, Mailchimp, and Zoom to help you easily communicate with customers, stay organized, and stay in control of your entire business.

    Can I make locksmith estimates with Workiz?

    Yes, you can! With Workiz, you can create an estimate in a matter of minutes (often seconds), letting you be the first to respond to the lead – and the one most likely to win the job. 

     Plus, you can customize quotes to make your brand really stand out. This will make your customer touchpoints memorable and make them more likely to want to work with you again in the future.

    Since we’re in the business of making money, Workiz enables you to create Sales Proposals that feature 3 estimates in 1 (ranked “good, better, best”). Many customers would rather pay extra for the repairs that they care about. This means that they’re most likely to pick “better” or “best” and boost your revenue, all while you provide them with an exceptional customer experience.

    Does your locksmith business management software have a mobile app?

    It does! Available on the App Store and Google Play, Workiz’s mobile app is compatible with all devices, and every single employee of yours should be able to get used to it in no time. With the app, your techs will be able to generate estimates within minutes and easily communicate directly with customers, saving you time and effort and freeing you up to more effectively manage your business. 

    Additionally, your team can send customers ‘On my way’ messages while you track their location in real-time, reducing delays and last-minute cancellations that can negatively impact customer satisfaction.

    We encourage you to try the mobile app and set your employees’ routes, saving time (and gas!) You’ll find that not only does it help you boost your team’s productivity, but it also cuts costs and maximizes revenue.

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