If you’re thinking you need amazing customer reviews, then you’re on the right track. But then again, how can you get these reviews? You cannot simply walk up to a client and ask them to talk about you. You’ll need the right strategy, the right platform to collect these reviews, and of course, you need to be prepared for the negative comments.

That’s why we’re here!

In this article, we’ll introduce to you what is called a google business page and how getting google reviews can boost the success of your company. If you get to the end, you’ll also learn about a rare, but very effective field service management software named Workiz that can help you get more business.

If you’re set, get on it!

The impact of Google reviews on field service businesses

The truth is that google reviews have a significant impact on every company, especially field service businesses. That’s because they affect (to a very large extent) how customers perceive and choose a local service provider. But in what specific ways do reviews (or the lack of them) affect a business?

Visibility and ranking

Search engine algorithms, particularly those for local searches, rely a lot on google reviews search when determining which businesses appear at the top of the results page (also called SERPs). As a matter of fact, Google reviews are a factor in SEO, with reviews making up 12% of local SEO ranking factors. So, if you have a strong review profile with a high average rating, that ‘good number of online reviews’ will push your business higher in local search rankings. This means potential clients searching for plumbers, electricians, or other field service providers in your area are more likely to see your company listed.


Positive Google reviews (even including google reviews by me, i.e. you) also help build trust and credibility for field service businesses — and there’s proof! In a recent study, 72% of customers boldly said that they (for some reason) trust a business more when they see what other people say about the products/services. So, it’s proven, especially for field services where clients are inviting workers into their homes. You just need positive company reviews!

Influencing purchase decisions

The third reason you absolutely need google business reviews is because it affects what your customer wants to buy. For instance, if a company recommends three products to you and their reviews contain 10 positive statements about a particular product, you’d want to buy the reviewed product the most so that you also can have a taste of the testimonies. Isn’t that right? Now, here’s the thing! For field service, these reviews are often the first interaction a customer has with a business. So it heavily influences whether they choose to hire you or not.

Feedback and improvement

At number four, reviews provide valuable feedback that your field service businesses can use to identify areas for improvement in your customer service and operations. In fact, search results indicate that 97% of service decision makers believe field service is a crucial part of their overall business strategy— and it can be yours too. But that’s not all!  Feedback  also helps you get a clear view of your strong and weak points. Plus,  responding to google business page shows your clients that you care about their experience, hence, improving your credibility.

Google Reviews

Strategies for getting more Google reviews

Now that you know the impact of many and high-quality company feedback, let’s talk about how to get google reviews

Ask clients directly

One of the best and simplest ways to get google reviews is to ask your customers directly. When they come to patronize your business, ask them (just before they leave), how the service was. Make sure to ask them in a polite and professional manner. But the best way is to provide them with a google reviews link so that they can input their comments there. You can also use a google review link generator if you don’t know how to generate the link.

Make it easy for them to leave reviews

The other strategy (that works hand-in-hand) is to provide clear instructions on how to leave and how to delete a google review. For instance, you can provide a direct link in your email signature, website, or social media profiles and that will make it as easy as possible for your clients to leave reviews. Don’t forget to teach them how to leave a google review as well.

Follow up

This is usually forgotten by many brands and businesses as they strive to gain more clients. In fact, out of 15 shocking sales facts, Dolly mentions one that nearly half (48%) of salespeople never follow up. So, follow up with old or past customers who have expressed satisfaction with your services and kindly remind them to leave a review on your Google My Business page. This does not only help you get the review,  but you’ll also retain the customer as well.

Incentivize your clients

Did you know that some businesses offer incentives like discounts or other rewards to clients who leave a Google review? You can do it too! However, you should always follow google business profile guidelines and avoid offering any form of compensation for positive reviews.

Respond to reviews

Finally, show your clients that you appreciate their feedback by responding to their reviews. This will encourage them to leave more reviews in the future. If you always find yourself forgetting this, you can sign up for a management tool like Workiz, which will help you with automated (yet personalized) replies for all your positive online reviews. That way, you won’t miss anything!

How many different reviews sites or apps do consumers check before deciding to use a local business?


Responding to Google reviews

As previously mentioned, responding to google business reviews is an important part of managing your online reputation. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. But don’t worry, here are some tips on how to respond to google business reviews:

Step 1 — Thank the reviewer

Start your response by thanking the reviewer for taking the time to write a google review. This shows that you appreciate their feedback and value their opinion.

Step 2 — Address any specific concerns

If the reviewer mentioned any specific concerns or issues, address them in your response. Show that you take their feedback seriously and are willing to take steps to address any problems.

Step 3 — Keep it professional

Always respond professionally and avoid getting defensive or argumentative. Remember that your response is public and can be seen by other potential customers, so be careful!

Step 4 — Add a personal touch

Try to add a personal touch to your response to make it more genuine and show that you value each customer’s feedback. Emojis don’t hurt either.

Step 5 — Invite the customer back

If the customer had a negative experience, invite them back and offer a resolution or discount to show that you care about their satisfaction.

Step 6 — Stay consistent

Lastly, be consistent in your responses and make sure that you respond to every review, whether positive or negative. This will show that you are actively engaged with your customers and care about their feedback.

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Leveraging positive reviews for marketing

Now, there are two types of reviews — positive and negative. How can you take advantage of the positive reviews for marketing purposes? (because that’s the goal anyway)

Showcase reviews on your website

Okay, so you already know how important the Google My Business reviews (AKA ‘my google’ reviews) are. But you should not stop it there. Your website is your online building and so it is the first place your clients visit when they need to talk to you. So why not put your reviews on there as well?

In other words, don’t hide your glowing reviews on a dusty corner of the internet or google my business alone. Proudly display them on your website, especially on your homepage and service pages. Potential clients are more likely to trust and choose a company with positive social proof readily available.

Turn reviews into social media gold

Do you have Instagram, NextDoor, or Facebook? Positive google business reviews are perfect content for social media! Don’t hesitate to share snippets of positive feedback on your social platforms. This not only amplifies your reviews but also shows potential clients that you’re engaged with your audience. Plus, when your clients see that you advertise their comments on your social media, they’ll see that you value their feedback and that gives you a better engagement probability.

Create compelling customer stories

Another way to turn positive reviews into a marketing strategy is to take powerful quotes or excerpts from exceptional reviews and weave them into compelling customer stories. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Find the customer(s) that is not afraid to talk about your brand (positively, that is).
  2. Talk to that customer about their story — specifically, why they needed your business and how you helped them solve their need.
  3. While your customer talks, take note of some quotes they use. These quotes reinforce that the story is authentic and can help others relate to your customer’s experience.
  4. If you can, get pictures. Including visuals can help your audience understand the story better and make it more memorable.
  5. Don’t use jargon, acronyms, or complicated language that your audience might not understand. Keep the language and tone simple, relatable, and consistent with your brand.
  6. When you have completed the story, ensure to include the specific business benefits that your product or service provided to the customer. This could be increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction, or improved efficiency.
  7. Finally, emphasize the impact that your product has had on the customer. Workiz, the field management software we mentioned earlier can help you prepare the measurable results and numbers you need to make the story more tangible and relatable.

Remember to add the story to your website, social media, or even used in email marketing campaigns.

Target paid ads with Google review highlights

Are you running paid advertising campaigns (especially Google Ad campaigns)? Then, you can also incorporate snippets from positive google business reviews that highlight specific benefits your company offers. Since 92% of B2B buyers are already more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review, doing so will significantly improve your ad’s click-through rates.

Turn Google reviews into blog content

The final, but certainly not the least effective is to use positive reviews as a springboard for informative blog content. In fact, if you’re looking for what to use as a blog topic, your reviews are the best because they’ll also help you convert your readers into customers. For instance, you can address common customer concerns or highlight specific service areas mentioned in positive reviews. This will demonstrate your expertise and position you as a thought leader in your field.

Woman Giving Bad Review

Dealing with negative reviews

Now that we have discussed the positive review, let’s look into how to work with the negative reviews. Take note: Getting negative reviews is not the end of the world, even if you don’t have a list of satisfied customers to rely on. So how can you handle negative reviews both on your website or on Google My Business where everyone can see?

Respond promptly

If there’s one thing that matters the most, it’s responding to negative reviews in a timely manner. The longer you wait to respond, the more damage the negative review could do to your reputation. That’s why you need those automation tools that Workiz can provide.

Show empathy

It’s not just about responding. You also need to let them know that you understand their frustration and that you are committed to making things right.

Keep it professional

Keep your response professional and avoid getting defensive or argumentative. Remember, the response to the negative review is public and can be seen by other potential clients.

Offer a resolution

Showing that you are willing to help resolve the problem can help turn a negative review into a positive one.

Take it offline

If the issue is more complex, offer to take the conversation offline. This can help prevent further negative comments and allow for more personalized communication.

Follow up

Once the issue has been resolved, follow up with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the solution. This can help turn a negative review into a positive one and show other potential clients that you are committed to customer satisfaction.

Measuring the success of your Google review strategy

So, we’ve talked about the strategies you need. But we’re not all about telling you what to do. This is how you can check if those strategies are actually working:

  1. Track the average rating of your business across all ‘my reviews google’ sites to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Monitor the number of reviews your business receives over time to understand customer engagement trends and satisfaction levels.
  3. Measure the rate at which new reviews are posted, as a higher review velocity indicates increased customer engagement and interest in your business.
  4. Track the percentage of reviews you respond to, showing customers that you value their feedback and helping build trust and loyalty.
  5. Analyze the sentiment of customer reviews (positive, negative, or neutral) to understand overall customer satisfaction and identify areas needing improvement.
  6. Identify common keywords and phrases in reviews to gain insights into customer preferences and areas where your business excels.

But did you know that you cannot do all these things alone? Big companies use field service management software to get these things done and optimize success. You also can jump on board the #1 field service management tool — Workiz. With Workiz, you can book more jobs, keep track of your inventory, monitor your marketing strategies, manage your team, and even engage your clients all from one place. Whether you choose the free version or the unlimited monthly package, you can increase your business by 23% average growth in 3 months! So, are you ready for that growth?