Before diving into the service fusion alternative business solutions, it’d be best to discuss the father topic — Service fusion. The definition of Service fusion is as follows:

It is an all-in-one platform designed for the simplification and optimization of field services and all other processes involved in operating a business service. Service fusion software also applies to companies that specialize in the sales of products and goods. As long as there is a procedure for production from start to finish (consumption or delivery), service fusion assists to make this entire process easier, faster, more cost-effective, and most of all, more optimized.

The following are some features of the software:

  1. Customer management
  2. Scheduling and dispatch
  3. Job ordering
  4. Estimating
  5. Invoicing
  6. Payment processing, and so on.

For premium or more advanced service fusion intervention, businesses could enjoy fleet tracking capabilities which inevitably helps in gaining insights into all operations while reducing common risks associated with field service operations. Nonetheless, there are some limitations to this software that may make it less of a heavenly solution.

First, not all businesses are the same. Therefore, the software may not be able to handle complex integrations required for certain businesses (see Workiz integrations), making it a selective solution. Second, if teams are not properly trained on how to use the software, even bigger challenges could arise that could lead to costly eventualities for the business.

Service Fusion

Why explore alternatives

Besides the brief overview of limitations mentioned above, here are three challenges with the service fusion software that will require businesses to seek alternatives:

Inefficiencies in data management and workflows
While service fusion might be an all-in-one solution, it is not the almighty with software integration. Some users have reported multiple challenges faced when trying to integrate the software with other systems they use. While some of these challenges could be troubleshooted, it ultimately leads to inefficiencies with data management and workflow.

Users have also reported that businesses who rely on service fusion may experience multiple lags and setbacks. This is because service fusion still needs evident improvement regarding inventory management and functionality. This, therefore, results in multiple failures and reports, hence, potentially becoming unreliable.

Another thing about the software is that users need to be adequately trained before use. While this may seem straightforward, service fusion contains numerous parts that allows it to be a tad comprehensive. Further, if employees are not well-trained on the software, as previously mentioned, efficiency and effectiveness will be negatively impacted.

When businesses encounter the above limitations, it’s only expected to seek alternatives. However, to  avoid running into the same problems, it’s imperative that users carefully evaluate their options to ensure that the next platform is of the best.

Criteria for evaluation

The following are the things to consider before choosing another service fusion alternative.

Service fusion already has impressive features. Seek the platform that either has a similar list or with more impressive things to offer. But most of all, ensure that these features meet your specific business requirements.

Service fusion cost and pricing plan includes the free version and two-stage paid versions that range between $195 to $495. With other options, you have the ability to choose which alternative best suits your budget.

Another thing to look out for is a solution that can grow with your business over time. Ensure that the alternative software you’ll pick is able to handle increased volumes of transactions and users as your business expands.

Remember how important it is for employees to fully adapt and integrate the usage of a new platform? That’s why it is imperative that you seek the tool that’s easy to learn, use and ultimately reduces the learning curve.

While it’s a little challenging to find a platform that’ll cater to all systems,  seek the one that integrates properly with the software you use in your business.

Customer support
Everything cannot always be perfect. Therefore consider your customer and their queries by seeking out a platform with an impressive, user-friendly, and timely customer support package.

Comparison of top 13 Service Fusion alternatives

Now that the bed has been laid, it’s time to look through some of the most reputable service fusion alternative solutions for business service operations. Remember to take note of the criteria mentioned above before selecting one.

Additionally, take note that each service fusion software alternative will contain the features, pricing models, and customer reviews. Therefore, scrutinize each of them carefully. That said, here are 13 alternatives.

Workiz Crm


As a leading platform for field service teams, Workiz boasts to be trusted by over 120,000 professionals. The platform offers multiple features including job scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, performance tracking, and employee payment processing — all from one app. Multiple users have reviewed the site, mentioning that it has been their best tool for over two decades or more.

Some of the industries that’ll gain a lot from Workiz includes the HVAC industry, plumbing, electricians, garage door professionals, locksmiths, junk removal experts, and appliance repair among others. Overall, Workiz helps to win more jobs, automate daily tasks, improve efficiency, increase profits, and grow the service business.

Workiz can be accessed either through a computer or a mobile phone (the mobile app), hence, making it highly user-friendly. Users can also access customer support either through the responsive live chat option or the active phone number provided.

Pricing plans:
Workiz offers three pricing plans.

  1. Lite, which is the perfect starter plan. It is free for up to 2 members.
  2. Standard, which included top tools for faster service operations and increase in revenue. It costs $198/monthly for up to 5 members. Extra members cost additional fees.
  3. Ultimate plan, for specialized companies and specific services.

For tailored quotes, users would need to contact the company directly.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Reputable history with multiple positive reviews
  • Robust features
  • Good customer support service.


Fieldedge is an all-in-one tool that has helped over 40,000 companies gain valuable insight on how the business is doing with key performance indicators. The tool also dispatches technicians and keeps track of their progress through the dynamic dispatch board. Finally, it assists in organizing schedules and billings to reconcile payments faster. While the customer reviews speak about a lot, one thing that stands out is the consistent updates they have on their platform.

Generally, fieldedge offers a clean, visual interface that seems to be easy for users, however, there may be a need to navigate through a few clicks to reach the services preferred. Fieldedge also possesses a live chat box and other contact support options. The software’s target industries for support include HVAC, plumbing, electrician, locksmith, and appliance repair.

Pricing plans:
The company does not have a specific pricing plan and urges users to contact the company for a specialized quote.


  • Over 40 years of company support
  • Responsive support staff
  • Easy to use and learn


Jobber is the free version of the all-in-one service help that assists in quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and payment processing. With a record of over 50 home service industries, Jobber can record 37% revenue growth on average in the first year of using the tool. As a service for all, Jobber caters to industries in cleaning (janitorial, pressure, or window cleaning), green (lawn care, tree care, landscaping, or snow removal), contracting (general contracting, handyman, electrician, or roofing), plumbing, HVAC, or painting.

While there is no live-chat, Jobber provides a phone number for direct contact within the working hours.

Pricing plans:
Pricing is between $42 to $210 per month depending on features, industry, and plan selected.


  • Offers free trial for 14 days
  • Caters to more industries
  • Can onboard up to 15 users

Service Titan


Attending to both home and commercial contractors, this platform has powered over 100,000 businesses by offering better profit margins, faster cash flow, and better work efficiency through assisting in making quicker decisions. Some of the features include client portaling, technician tracking, client specific pricing, two-way SMS, self-scheduling payments, and CRM, among others.

ServiceTitan has an impressive user-interface that is both easy to navigate and looks professional. Some of the industries include HVAC software, plumbing software, electrician software, garage door, chimney sweep, water treatment, landscape, pool service, septic, est, control, lawn care, roofing, and so much more.

ServiceTitan offers live chat, phone numbers, and email address for customer support contact.

Pricing plans:
Similar to FieldEdge, users need to contact the company for quotes.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Caters to multiple industries
  • AssistS household companies as well.

Housecall Pro

With over 35,000 users, this desktop and mobile app solution aims to help users see how easily home services businesses can improve scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and payment collection. It offers a 14-day free trial period and a support team, available by phone and in-app chat. Equally important, you’ll get access to an online university and help center as well as a private Facebook group of 18,000+ pros like you to share tips and grow together.

The platform caters to the following industries: HVAC, plumbing, garage door, electricals, appliance repair, carpet cleaning, landscaping and lawn, pest control, home cleaning, handyman, and chimney sweep service.

Pricing plans:
Billed monthly or annually, the cost ranges from $ 49 to $129 for users between 1 and 5. For plans set higher (up to 100 users and more features), users would need to contact the company directly.


  • Offers 14-day free trial
  • Allows users exclusive access to a private facebook group
  • Includes a mobile app.


The company boasts as the place to go for users who want to grow their field service business and increase jobs by 4x. As a platform that helps put customers’ experience first, users can unlock more revenue from every type of customer their business serves, from commercial, to multi-property, and homeowner businesses.

Hence, the industries targeted here include gas engineers, plumbing, electrical, renewable energy, property maintenance, appliance repair, facilities maintenance, HVAC, roofing, fire protection, tree surgeons, and security installers.

Pricing plans:
For all three plans the company offers, users need to contact the company for specific pricing details.


  • Caters to more unique trades
  • Has provision for companies with up to 100 employees
  • Great user interface.

Service Autopilot

Service autopilot is keen on scheduling teams quickly, collecting payments on time (every time), automating time-consuming tasks, inspiring employees, and growing your business faster. Nonetheless, the offerings are a bit unique, catering to companies in lawn care, snow removal, field service, cleaning, and pest control.

While there is no live chat, the company still provides working phone numbers for customer support.

Pricing plans:
Service Autopilot offers four plans that range between $ 49 to $499 per month. The highest plan, which is the Elite (for up to two business licenses) needs the user to contact the company directly for quotes.


  • Caters to more unique industries
  • It is best for companies that request for minimal monitoring.


Mobiwork MWS

Short for Mobiwork Mobile Workforce Solutions, this Service fusion alternative offers features for customer management, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payment processing, and reporting. It also includes GPS tracking capabilities. The website may not be as user friendly as the previous mentions, nonetheless, it attends to a long list of industries.

Pricing plans:
The website contains little knowledge about the pricing and users may need to contact the company directly for more information.

It caters to an extensive list of industries.


RazorSync provides features for customer management, scheduling, dispatching, quoting, invoicing, payment processing, and reporting. The industries included are alarm and security, lawn care & landscaping, appliance repair, plumbing, electrical contracting, HVAC, and IT & Computer repair.

Pricing plans:
Pricing is structured based on the plan chosen with options for different business needs. Nonetheless, the basic plan starts at $90 a month.


  • Seamless job tracking tools
  • Easy-to-use mobile app.


Service M8 manages jobs & staff, quotes & invoices on site, captures signatures, records notes, photos & videos, completes pdf forms, accepts credit card payments, and syncs with your accounting package. The industries catered for include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, cleaning, locksmith, pool service, pest control, lawn care, and appliance repair.

ServiceM8 also has a special integration with the Apple product in case that it is related to your business needs. The website and mobile apps are user friendly and the tool is easy to use.

Pricing plans:
This smart job manager may be the only one, alongside Workiz with a free version (not a free trial). Other plans range from $10 to $349 monthly.


  • Has a free version
  • Caters to multiple industries
  • Provides some unique features.


Wintac offers features for customer management, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and reporting. It also includes inventory management tools and job costing capabilities. User reviews for Wintac highlight its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface for field service management.

Pricing plans:
Pricing information is available based on the selected plan, offering different levels of features and support.


  • Efficient job costing tools
  • Inventory tracking capabilities.



FieldEZ provides features for customer management, scheduling, dispatching, quoting, invoicing, and reporting. It also includes GPS tracking capabilities and mobile workforce solutions. Users also commend FieldEZ for its mobile functionality and efficient field service management tools.

Pricing plans:
Pricing structures are available based on the plan chosen with options for different business sizes.


  • Mobile workforce optimization tools
  • Real-time tracking capabilities.


simPRO offers features for customer management, job scheduling, quoting, invoicing, payment processing, and reporting. It also includes project management tools and inventory tracking capabilities.

Pricing plans:
Pricing varies based on the plan selected with options for different business needs.


  • Project management integration
  • Efficient inventory tracking tools.

Industry-specific considerations

Note that, while some of these Service fusion alternative software might seem tempting to choose, you need to make your choice based on your industry’s requirement. First, the platform needs to be certified to provide the right software for your trade. Also, it needs to have positive reviews by those in your trade.

For instance, Workiz is particularly well-suited for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services because it offers specialized features and integration capabilities tailored to these industries. Similarly, ServiceM8 is ideal for tradespeople who require mobile workforce management, while HouseCall Pro caters to home service providers with its appointment booking and invoicing functionalities.

Conclusion and recommendations

This review examined a full list of service fusion alternative software for multiple industries, first detailing why there’s a need to seek an alternative. Each option listed has an explanation of the features, user interface provision, pros, and pricing. For businesses that deal in HVAC, plumbing and electrical services, it’s best to go for Workiz due to the reputable history, elaborate features, and multiple perks of the company. Nonetheless, it is crucial to consider factors such as industry-specific features, integration capabilities, user experience, and customer support when choosing a service management solution.


Factors I consider when opting for a different service management solution?

Before choosing another service management solution, consider the features, costs, reviews, customer support provisions, and user experience because these are the criteria that determines the company’s result at the end of the day.

What makes other platforms more appealing than Service Fusion in certain scenarios?

Other platforms may be more appealing than Service Fusion in certain scenarios due to the industry-specific features. Some alternatives are tailored to more unique services like painting that Service fusion does not cater to. Additionally, the integration capabilities and customization options are other factors.

Why should a customer consider Workiz as a Service Fusion alternative?

While there are many other reasons users should choose Workiz, some of the important reasons include its specialized features and integration capabilities. Also, Workiz has delivered satisfactory services for over 120,000 customers.

What integrations do you offer that Service Fusion may not?

Service fusion lacks the following elements that Workiz offers:

  • Advanced reporting tools: Workiz provides more robust reporting integrations for detailed analytics.
  • Specialized Industry Integrations: Workiz offers industry-specific integrations tailored to more unique sectors.
  • Cost: At the end of the day, Workiz offers a better deal for a more affordable fee. Users can also try the free version as a starters pack.
Is your platform suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Workiz is suitable for businesses of all sizes due to its scalability and customizable features that can cater to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises.

Can Workiz handle complex scheduling requirements?

Workiz is capable of handling complex scheduling requirements with its advanced scheduling tools, dispatching capabilities, and customizable features designed to streamline operations efficiently.