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20 hrs
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Step up your house painting business

Streamline your painting operations and increase productivity with Workiz’ dynamic house painting and decorator software. View and categorize all of your jobs in one place and assign them based on specific needs.

scheduling jobs using a drag and drop interface

Painting pros, get paid in the field faster

Never leave money on the table or chase down payments again with Workiz’ payment platform. Automatically send payment requests, estimates, and invoices from the office or the field.


Make the most of every painting job opportunity

Drive higher booking rates, improve customer service and increase your revenue with Workiz’ full Communications Suite. Impress your customers so you are the only house painting and decorator company they call.


Reduce transit time
 and costs

Plan and optimize your painting team’s work by assigning jobs according to their individualized schedules, geographic location, traffic considerations, and expertise. Streamline your painting team’s day and make them as productive as possible.

Jordan Mrkvicka Testimonial Ratio 336×246 play
I love Workiz communication because it let's me be on top of our call center
Jordan Mrkvicka
Office manager at
Air Flows Chicago
Jacob Szender Testimonial Ratio 336×246 play
With Workiz I was able to expand my small business into multiple locations & over 100 employees.
Jacob Szender
CEO of Sure Lock & Key
Kristen Zinzi Testimonial Ratio 336×246 play
We chose Workiz because the UI is simple & easy to learn
Kristen Zinzi
Administrator at County Comfort Home Solutions
Ben Bergloff Testimonial Ratio 336×246 play
I've used over 10 CRMs and Workiz is the #1 tool in my toolkit
Ben Bergloff
Owner of Epic Exterior Services
John Michael Williams Ratio 336×246 play
The payment process is very seamless and all integrated into one.
John-Michael Williams
Owner, AC Panda Mechanical Contractors
Dan Johnson Testimonial Ratio 336×246 play
It has been the best platform that I have used in 25 years in being in business.
Dan Johnson
CEO, Einstein Pros
Matthew Vick Testimonial Ratio 336×246
Workiz has allowed us to generate an extra income that we were not expecting, but has been surprisingly lucrative.
Matthew Vick
Onwer, Sonoma Strong Hauling & Junk Removal
Matt Merry Testimonial Ratio 336×246
Workiz continuously improves their product, making it easy for us to recommend and benefit from the partnership.
Matt Merry
Operations, Junk Removal Authority
Melissa Carvajal Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz saved our company 20 hours a week!
Melissa Carvajal Perez
Operations manager, Carvajal AC
Shane Miller Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz is the best system out there
Shane Miller
Marketing specialist at Junk Removal Authority
Mitch Harrison Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
My whole business is all in one place
Mitch Harrison
Founder, CEO of Junk Masters
Roi Tapiaro Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz is the core of my business
Roi Tapiaro
Owner of Must Air USA
Titus Zeigler Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
The only thing I use for my business is Workiz
Titus Zeigler
Owner of Haul Away Junk Removal
Chris Heenan Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz makes my life a lot easier!
Chris Heenan
Owner of AvaAir Heating and cooling
Omer Testimonial Ratio 336×246 play
Workiz automated my entire business!
Owner of Best Pro Services
James Thornton Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz makes my business run a lot smoother!
James Thornton
Owner of Cupid disposal
Andrea De Leon Testimonial Person play
With Workiz, we function at the highest level possible
Andrea de Leon
Director of Operations
Thomas Scott Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz is significantly impactful for my franchise business
Thomas Scott
Founder & CEO, Home Run Franchises
Jerry Flanagan Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
We've seen a massive growth with Workiz
Jerry Flanagan
CEO and co-founder of JDog
Tega Testimonial Ratio 615×450
Our scheduling has improved and retention rates on jobs have increased by 10%
Owner of Removerz
Theodore Proia Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz makes booking our appointments super easy.
Theodore Proia
Owner, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, Elkridge, MD
Lee Godbold Testimonials Ratio 615×450 1 Aspect Ratio 672 492 play
I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
Lee Godbold
Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
Yuriy Dyomkin Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
Since we started with Workiz, my company has grown 3 times in revenue every year.
Yuriy Dyomkin
Owner, Garage Door Ninja
Andrew Knicley Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
Best bang for your buck field service management software! No more pen and paper.
Andrew Knicley
HVAC company owner, All-Air Systems
Lee Godbold Testimonials Ratio 615×450 1 Aspect Ratio 672 492 play
I've yet to see anything better than Workiz. You have all you need to make wise business decisions.
Lee Godbold
Founder, Junk Doctors, Junk Removal Authority
Christian Fowler Testimonials Ratio 615×450 play
I always recommend Workiz. It's incredible and has doubled our bookings and sales.
Christian Fowler
Co-founder, Junk Doctors
Shawn Fago Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
We use it all day. Everyday. It's incredible.
Shawn Fago
CEO, Noble Locksmith
Robert Testimonial Ratio 615×450 play
Workiz helps you gather all this information in a very easy and professional way.
CEO, HR Locksmith 24/7

Why technicians love Workiz?

With the Workiz field service mobile app, your techs can:

  • See their upcoming jobs
  • Call, text, and email clients
  • Send estimates and invoices
  • Accept payments in the field
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Common questions

Contact us for any additional questions, we’re happy to help
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What's a home painting scheduling software?

Fully customizable for the home painting and decorating industry, field service management platforms help you run your home painting business more efficiently.

Workiz is an easy-to-use, end-to-end platform that lets you run your entire business from your desktop or cell phone. Keep track of your techs in real-time, schedule and dispatch jobs, view the status of incoming leads, and keep an eye on your bottom lines. You can also view your customer history, get paid, and create invoices.

With Workiz, you can ditch the pen and paper and grow faster while boosting your reputation and providing an exceptional experience for your customers.

How can a home painting business software contribute to my revenue?

Home painting and decorating business software helps you grow your business faster while increasing revenue. Home painting teams that use Workiz report a 22% average increase in revenue!

How? Workiz enables you to be the first to respond to leads and win more jobs through real-time scheduling and dispatching that lets no prospect inquiry go to waste, regardless of where your team is located and how busy it currently is.

Additionally, Workiz gives you full, real-time control over your entire business. The platform monitors your team’s location and performance down to the technician level and tracks inventory and expenses, ensuring that no task is missed and that every job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Workiz is also the only field service management software that integrates with all three major online lead sources, including Thumbtack, Angi, and Google’s Local Services Ads, so you can capture more leads and grow your business faster.

Does Workiz integrate with QuickBooks and other apps?

Yes! Workiz seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, which enables you to automatically sync invoices, customers, and payments. With QuickBooks mobile app, your techs can also provide your customers with a smooth and professional experience by sending estimates and invoices within seconds.

Workiz’s all-in-one Integration Center allows you to sync numerous apps to help you run your business effectively.  Among others, Workiz helps you stay legally covered by storing before/after images with CompanyCam, collecting payments via Stripe (Workiz Pay) and Sunbit, managing your reputation with NiceJob and Signpost, and so much more.

Can I use Workiz for service calls and service agreements?

Yup! Workiz includes a fully integrated state-of-the-art Communications Suite that enables you to take service calls at any time of the day or night, including during rush hours. You can also record your dispatcher calls for training or other purposes.

Workiz also lets you provide estimates in just one or two minutes and customize them however you like to help your brand stand out and boost your reputation. We recommend providing them as Sales Proposals (“good, better, best”) to improve sales amongst customers who can afford to pay a little extra for your services.

Does your home painting software have a mobile app?

Of course! The Workiz app is available on the App Store and on Google Play. With the app, your techs can generate invoices with two clicks and even take payments in the field without swiping credit cards. They can also send an ‘On my way’ message to communicate with clients every step of the way and minimize the chances of last-minute cancellations.

Don’t worry if some of your techs are not that tech-savvy. Workiz has 24/7 customer support and a robust onboarding process, so your team is in great hands every step of the way.

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