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In today’s digital age, managing your ever-increasing workload with paper and pen is no longer necessary.
Workiz makes it easy to monitor your dispatchers’ calls, schedule every incoming job, dispatch your techs, communicate with clients, and get paid on the spot.

Used by over 100k field service teams across the US and Canada, Workiz is the carpet cleaning scheduling software you’ve been waiting for to take your business to the next level. Carpet cleaning teams that use Workiz increase their revenue by 30% on average, and the software includes many features to raise the bar even higher.

Workiz carpet cleaning business management & scheduling software

Scheduling Software
Scheduling Made Easy

Easily understand your business schedule with
our color-coded Drag-and-Drop calendar.

Job Scheduling
Choosing which technician to dispatch is easy. Check your team members’ availability in the color-coded calendar view and assign them the job with one click. You can customize the fields in the job form to collect the information that your business needs. Create a unique workflow to perfectly match your operations.
Job Management
Never let a job slip through the cracks again! Organize jobs using statuses, color codes, and tags, so you can stay on top of which projects are completed and what still needs a follow-up. Your team can view jobs whether they’re in the field or the office and communicate with one another (and clients) using text messages or phone directly from the Workiz field service management Mobile App.
Job Management System
Estimates _ Invoicing
Estimates & Invoicing
Make paperwork a thing of the past with Workiz field service management software. Create and send estimates for a job on the spot, then convert the winning one to a professional branded invoice in one quick click. You can sync with QuickBooks Online to keep your accounting up-to-date and your financial records all in one safe place.
Service Phone

Offer excellent customer service with features like recorded calls and call workflows. Our field service management software features call queuing, so you can leave no call unanswered.

You can even track which calls come from which marketing sources, like Google Ads or Yelp. That will help you to optimize your marketing spend and get more bang for your buck.

Service Phone
Mobile App_
Mobile App

Your whole team can have all the information they need at their fingertips, wherever they are. They have access to all the features that let them take care of the job from start to finish.

With automatic and instant synchronization, your whole team will be aligned. Whether in the field or the office, they have access to the most up-to-date information.

Smart Integrations
We’ve teamed up with some big names to make your life as easy as possible. Our integrations include Quickbooks for all your accounting needs; Google, Apple, Outlook Calendars; Mailchimp and Email; Zoom; Thumbtack, and CompanyCam. No need to juggle in between apps.
Smart Integrations

Here’s Why Carpet Cleaners Love Using Workiz Carpet Cleaning Software

“With Workiz carpet cleaning scheduling software we can assign each technician to a job and see how many jobs they have on the schedule for that day. We can also automatically send reminders to customers with their jobs and create our own invoices.”
-Sofiaa Zimulla, All Green Carpet Clean

Any Questions?

A carpet cleaning software is a web or mobile app that helps you run your carpet cleaning business more efficiently. 

You can use the software from anywhere that has an active internet connection to check your carpet cleaning leads, schedule and dispatch jobs, view your client’s history and create carpet cleaning invoices. Basically, everything that you used to write down on paper or keep in a spreadsheet can now be more efficiently managed in a carpet cleaning booking software.

As your services are in higher demand, you must streamline operations to avoid jobs falling through the cracks. With Workiz, you nurture every lead, from the initial call or order from your website to scheduling and dispatching your cleaning crew, and until the job is done and paid for. Using Workiz, you can also follow up on job cancellations and complaints, either by listening to the call recordings or getting in touch with clients.

When choosing carpet cleaning software, make sure it includes whatever you need to run your business operations smoothly. For carpet cleaning teams, that means scheduling and dispatching features, alongside inventory management (to keep track of cleaning materials in stock). Also, ensure that you can communicate with clients both via phone and text. Having an integrated invoicing system (like QuickBooks) is a huge plus.

We’ve designed Workiz carpet cleaning scheduling software to be the most simple field service software available. But, just in case you or your team are having any difficulties, we are always here to help. Support is always available via:

Workiz offers an easy solution to help you get paid in the field. One of the tools we offer is WorkizPay, our in-house payment processor.

When you receive cash or checks from a client you can easily add the payment to Workiz carpet cleaning business software, and charge your client’s credit card using WorkizPay. In addition, you can send your clients a secure link that shows them their balance due and allows them to submit an online payment in seconds.  

You can get a free 14-day trial with Workiz carpet cleaning booking software. During the trial your team will have access to all of Workiz features and can immediately start scheduling jobs, getting online bookings, sending invoices and much more. Then, you can select from a choice of 3 different pricing plans according to the best fit for you. 

Yes! Workiz’ mobile app enables you to do almost anything you can do on the desktop and stay on top of your operations while on the go. Moreover, Workiz allows you to track your technicians’ locations and time spent on-site, along with payments, in real-time. 

Yes! As a matter of fact, Workiz integrates with plenty of apps, including Zoom, QuickBooks, HouseHappy, and CompanyCam.  

Our integrations allow you to perform the daily tasks required to keep your business running smoothly without the hassle of working across multiple apps. 

Your carpet cleaning business can use our integrations to synchronize with other calendars, set up video meetings with clients, manage your online reputation, and generate invoices. 

Yes! Workiz carpet cleaning booking software fully integrates with apps to help you stay organized and manage your business. Our QuickBooks integration automatically syncs customers, invoices and payment information to help you keep track of your business records. With our Zoom Integration, you can easily provide video estimates to your customers. For the full list of integrations, see here. 

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