As Dan began to expand, he faced obstacles that threatened to ruin his vision. The software solutions he tried either excelled in reporting and analytics but were too complex for his team, or they were user-friendly but lacked the necessary data insights. Dan needed a solution that combined robust reporting, analytics, and ad tracking features with ease of use for his franchise locations.

At first Dan thought to stick with the alternative user-friendly software and maybe outsource another software for the reports and analytics to compromise for the essentials he needed for his business. However, in the back of his mind, Dan knew that to grow his business effectively, he needed an all-in-one solution that provided visibility across all franchise locations. Due to the limitations of competitor software, Dan had to scale back from 10 to 4 locations, putting his dream of a franchise empire on hold.

Another critical issue was that some Einstein Pros franchisees also struggled to answer the phones, resulting in subpar customer service and missed job opportunities.


Determined to find a better way, Dan discovered Workiz, a field service software that was built specifically for the plumbing, heating and cooling industry and offered a more robust reporting, analytics, advertising ROI analysis, understand cost of leads, what are the best performing advertising channels, where he should invest his next dollar and was very easy to use. Dan and his team were won over by Workiz’s onboarding process, and a dedicated onboarding team guiding them through the system step-by-step. Within two weeks, Einstein Pros was up and running, with franchisees feeling empowered to provide exceptional customer service.

Key Features

Reporting and analytics
Workiz’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide Dan and his team with full visibility over all locations, allowing them to efficiently manage employees, tasks, invoices, and commissions while optimizing and analyzing lead streams for cost-effectiveness.

Online booking and communication
The online booking feature embedded into their website gave them the opportunity to not only be available for their clients 24/7 but also gave their clients a convenient way to book their services online. Workiz Communications built-in phone system streamlined their entire scheduling and customer interactions. The franchisees appreciate the app’s features, such as “on-my-way” text messages, automated messaging for invoice follow-ups and review requests, call recording, and ad tracking.

Dispatching and GPS tracking
The dispatching feature enables efficient job assignment and with the automation you can also assign the right tech to the right job as soon as the job comes in the Workiz inbox. While real-time GPS tracking gave management a full overview of real-time status of each technician.

Inventory management
Workiz’s inventory management feature helps franchisees save on inventory costs by providing real-time stock information and replenishment alerts.

Automation platform
The automation platform saves their franchisees more than 20 hours per week by automating tasks such as technician alerts, customer notifications, review requests, invoice reminders, and service plan management.


The impact of Workiz on Einstein Pros was transformative. Since implementing the platform, they have achieved significant results:

  • Onboarding was completed in less than 2 weeks, with the entire enterprise up and running within 3 months.
  • Consolidated multiple platforms into a single, user-friendly solution.
  • Reduced total company costs by 15% per year.
  • Saved 20 hours a week by eliminating the need for multiple software and platforms.

“We absolutely love Workiz, it’s been the best platform I have used in over 30 years of being in business. When we went through the onboarding process, we realized how easy it was to use so we were ready to onboard within 2 weeks.”
Dan Johnson, CEO of Einstein Pros


By using Workiz, Dan Johnson transformed challenges into triumphs, proving that with determination and the right tools, even the most ambitious dreams can become a reality. Einstein Pros stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the right technology, streamlining operations, improving customer service, and positioning the company for sustainable growth. With Workiz, Dan’s vision of a thriving franchise empire is now within reach.