A dream takes shape

Ron Dahari had a vision. With a passion for business and a drive to succeed, he set out to make his mark in the world of home services. After gaining experience in various fields, including business management and locksmithing, Ron saw an opportunity in the garage door industry. That’s when Superior Garage Door (SGD) known also as Supreme Garage Door was born in Minnesota, setting the stage for an incredible journey.

Sgd Team

Growing pains

As SGD began to flourish, Ron faced challenges that many growing businesses encounter. The company was expanding rapidly, and keeping track of jobs, technicians, and customers became extremely difficult.

“Organizing everything in one place was the most challenging”
– Ron Dahari

But Ron wasn’t just building a business; he was creating a culture where his team can feel like they have job security, a safe environment to work and benefits for his employees to keep them happy and avoid replacing technicians constantly. He knew that finding the right team members – people who shared his commitment to excellence – would be crucial to SGD’s success. What he needed was a tool that could help manage his growing business, new customers, existing customers, and most of all – keep everything running smoothly.

Sgd Using Workiz Online Booking

Workiz Online Booking

What changed the game

Just when Ron needed it most, he discovered Workiz. This field service management software was in its early stages, but Ron saw its potential. “We kind of grew together,” he explains, highlighting how Workiz evolved alongside SGD.

As Workiz expanded its features, SGD was able to streamline its operations. The days of manual processes and scattered information were completely eliminated. Now, everything SGD needed was at their fingertips. Workiz provided an easy-to-use centralized system for communication with a built-in phone VOIP system allowing them to never miss  calls, full reporting with data and analytics, online booking widget that was built-into their website giving their customers to instantly book jobs and be on demand, and when the technicians were in the field they could upsell with sales proposals increasing their revenue by 30% and allowing Ron and his team to focus on what really matters – their customers.

Taking it to the next level

They introduced same-day service in a market where week-long waits were the norm. “We became number one because nobody could compete with same-day service,” Ron says proudly. Workiz’s efficient scheduling and dispatching features made this rapid response time possible, as soon as a job got booked their technicians received an automatic notification that they had a new job booked in their schedule. No matter where they are, on the job site or sitting at home after work they are immediately notified and are able to increase better organization and effective communication between the team and their customers giving SGD a significant edge over competitors.

The results were astounding. In just five years, SGD grew to over 70 employees with multiple locations across Minnesota and Texas. By providing an on demand customer service in a world where on demand was not thought of in the field service industry, they had achieved in half a decade what many companies couldn’t do in years. Workiz scaled perfectly in sync with SGD, supporting their expansion by providing robust multi-location management capabilities and adding more  features such as, ad tracking, data and analytics and a built-in phone to manage all their communication with technicians and clients.

Ron’s proudest moment came when he launched SGD Springs, a wholesale business. Looking at his company’s growth, he realized the incredible journey they had been on:

We did in 5 years something that other companies didn’t do in 20-30 years when we placed ourselves as an on demand service. We were able to beat our competition and stand out as a trusted service, and in a very short matter of time, with Workiz as our software.

Workiz played a crucial role in this rapid growth, providing the technological backbone that allowed SGD to operate efficiently at scale.

Sgd Team Photo

Inspiring Others

Ron Dahari’s story with Superior Garage Door shows what’s possible with vision, hard work, and the right tools. By embracing technology like the Workiz platform and always putting customers first, Ron didn’t just enter a competitive market – he transformed it.

Workiz’s comprehensive, all-in-one platform enabled Ron to rapidly scale his garage door business. With exceptional usability, seamless integration of communication tools, and payment management, Workiz provided everything Ron needed in one place. The platform’s flexibility, customization options, and multiple automations saved time and reduced manual effort, driving efficient upselling and uncovering new opportunities for expansion, significantly contributing to his business growth.

Get ready to fight and not give up. If you’re going into a competitive world, you need to be ready to work harder than most people out there and provide a value that others don’t!

He also emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology: If you want to stand out in 2024, you must stand out with all the technology that is there. Today, SGD continues to raise the bar in their industry. With Workiz by their side, they’re proving that with determination and the right support, any dream can become a reality. The partnership between SGD and Workiz demonstrates how the right software solution can be motivation for extraordinary business growth. Ron’s journey reminds us all that success isn’t just about having a great idea – it’s about having the courage to pursue it, the wisdom to embrace, helpful tools like Workiz to make managing easier, and the perseverance to keep going, no matter what challenges arise.