You may have encountered customers who were not present at their locations at the time of the job, teams taking routes different from those assigned, technicians being late for work, and inadequate quantities of parts and tools.

These are only some of the problems that field service management solutions can resolve. It has tools that ensure clients remember their appointments, teams are taking the best routes to a customer’s location, technicians arrive at work on time, and there is always a healthy stock of parts and tools to go around.

Below, we discuss the different ways a field service software, like Workiz, can improve the way you do your business:

1. It lets you manage your field workforce on the move

Efficiency and productivity are major concerns for field service leaders, according to Field Technologies Online, as shared in an article by Gogh Solutions. In fact, 74% of survey respondents expressed they need to ensure their technicians are efficient in carrying out their jobs. Meanwhile, 53% said that their technician’s productivity on-site is their priority.

You may encounter the same challenges: employees not finishing clients’ requests on time and not solving problems completely, ensuring that they do not recur. You can overcome these easily because modern field service software tools are mobile-enabled. Because of this, managing remote teams becomes a less challenging task for you and for your back-office workers. You get more visibility when it comes to your teams’ locations, the job requests they are handling, and the time they are spending on carrying out their responsibilities. With this visibility, you can step in and resolve issues with the client when necessary and direct your technicians throughout their job.

On top of that, you can respond to queries and requests from your clients and workers wherever you are using real-time communication tools like the Workiz softphone. You can tell your clients about your services and pricing the moment you receive their queries. When you are prompt in your responses, you are more likely to convert them into paying customers.

Answering the questions of your employees who are in different locations can help them complete their jobs quickly. What’s more, with your assistance, they can finish on time and provide the best customer service possible.

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2. It enables you to optimize the use of all resources like tools, equipment, and workforce 

Since a field service management system has personnel and inventory management tools, you can see which technicians are available for jobs and track equipment and parts in your inventory. When you have visibility into your workers’ availability, you can ensure that you are delegating tasks to the appropriate individuals.

Additionally, a field service management app lets you track the number of items in your inventory so you can replenish them before they run low. This way, you are always ready to resolve the issues of your customers.

3. It facilitates teamwork 

An FSM like Workiz that is available to each crew member is beneficial for collaboration. With everyone on board, the ability to answer queries is not just limited to one or two administrators but is available to every worker. This allows people who have had experience with unique situations to offer their input and assist their colleagues remotely.

Moreover, robust field service management software closes the gap between field employees and back-office workers. This can be advantageous, especially when there is a need for field members to find different routes or request additional assistance.

4. It accelerates time tracking and easy invoicing 

Are you invoicing customers according to the time spent by workers on site? A service scheduling software equipped with time tracking tools enables workers to turn on as soon as they begin their tasks and turn off immediately once the job is done. This way, clients can rest assured that you are invoicing them based on accurate work hours.

Workiz lets you send invoices to clients faster. All you need is to bring up the invoicing tool on the app, fill in the necessary details, and send it via email directly to your customer. Thus, you can look forward to better cash flows ahead.

5. It assists in creating better customer relationships

Better customer relationships do not always need a dedicated CRM. Sometimes, all you need is your field service management software. You can empower your clients to book your services with ease with the Workiz Online Booking tool. On top of that, you can send them notifications about their upcoming service schedule to avoid missed appointments.

But there is more to customer service than convenience. An FSM can help you keep your clients engaged since it keeps a record of their contact information. It can also aid you in making sure your crew knows the context of the job through the client’s history. As such, they can get down to troubleshooting immediately and ask fewer questions.

5. Budgeting for a productivity-related software

A field service management app such as Workiz can help your business become more productive. Workiz has a no-obligation 7-day trial that you can sign up for. Once you’ve seen how it simplifies your field service management and how it optimizes your resources, from time to tools and technicians, you can choose and scale up from Workiz’s three pricing tiers that suit your requirements and budget best.