What are we talking about? You guessed it—the plumbing invoice.

Far from being a pesky reminder that they owe you money, the invoice is a chance to show clients your professionalism and make sure yours is the first business they call the next time little Timmy flushes his diaper down the toilet.

Many plumbers, however, are too busy healing their aching backs and don’t give their invoice the attention it deserves.

Our plumbing invoice sample will show you what yours might be missing and how to take it to the next level. Download our free plumbing invoice and follow along as we explain each parts’ importance.

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Plumbing Invoice Details

Create an Eye-catching Header

A good plumbing invoice starts with your company logo and contact info front and center. Let the header show confidence in the quality of your plumbing services. Don’t feel like it has to be black and white; if your logo uses bright colors, let them shine!

Be sure to include your business name, logo, address, phone number, office hours, website, and email.

Invoice Creation Date & Due Date

Next, add the date you created the invoice and payment due date. This will make sure the information is recent and prevent any confusion in case a discount expires before the customer pays.

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Don’t Forget a Reference Number

A plumbing invoice should have a unique reference number. It organizes your files, tracks when payments are made and stop errors for you and the customer. When tax time comes, you don’t want to lose time figuring out who paid which invoice!
Pro tip: Your invoice is a powerful tracking tool. Import them into Quickbooks to compare invoices to determine which services are profitable and which generate the least income. Also, plan spending, predict your next quarter’s earnings and manage your cash flow.

Customer Contact

Insert your customer’s full name, address, phone number, and email.

Itemized Service Details

A detailed description of your repairs and installation (incl. product model, size, etc) will help you get paid faster. When customers are unsure of what went into the grand total, they’ll hesitate to pay the invoice and ask questions instead.

Break the price into these categories:

  1. Description of service
  2. Raw materials
  3. Taxes on materials
  4. Equipment costs
  5. Labor
  6. Subcontractors
  7. Shipping
  8. Discounts or sales

Total Amount

Now add everything up carefully and list the grand total. Invoicing software (like Workiz) calculates the total automatically, but you should always double-check your numbers.

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Simplify Payment Terms & Methods

Payment Terms

Your payment terms should be straightforward, and you should’ve discussed a ballpark price range before with customers so there are no surprises.

Make sure your terms answer these 5 questions:

  • Who will pay the invoice? Give the customer name or billing department.
  • What will the customer pay—only a deposit, the full balance, or installments?
  • When is payment due? Immediately upon receipt, NET 10 (due within 10 days of the invoice date), or something else? If there’s an installment plan, list each due date and send reminders.
  • How will the customer send money? If you accept credit, debit, checks, or PayPal, they’ll have no excuse not to pay on time.
  • Why are your cancellation policies or late fees in place? Help customers avoid paying extra money –they’ll appreciate it!

Pro tip: Take payments in advance or receive cash on delivery. The shorter the payment schedule, the more positive cash flow you’ll have to run your business.


Never skip out on leaving a personal thank you to customers. Mention an upcoming discount on repairs and provide steps on how they can take advantage of your offer.

Send Invoices with Software

Workiz’s plumbing invoice creator can send documents to customers in a heartbeat and even know when they’re received and opened. Time-saving features like e-signatures and follow-up reminders encourage customers to send payment in seconds.

There’s no reason you should still use pen and paper (which can cause you to lose money with mishandled invoices) when software can handle the grunt work for you.

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Here’s Your Free Plumbing Invoice Template

A plumbing invoice is not just the last step in a sale; it’s a valuable marketing tool. Invest the time to knock-out your plumbing invoice details, with every question answered and your customers will invest in your business.

If you’re looking to get paid faster, download a free sample plumbing invoice template, or send your next invoice with Workiz.

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