Getting Paid in the Field is Easy

What’s better than Same Day Payments? With WorkizPay, your technicians can accept contactless payments in the field.

 Just swipe the credit card or input the customer’s credit card details into WorkizPay and you’re all set! 

With Workiz,
Getting Paid is Easy

Accepting payments with Workiz is fast, safe and easy! WorkizPay is our very own online payment processor, powered by WePay (and backed by Chase Bank). Setup is extremely fast, and takes only 
a few minutes. In no time you’ll be able to invoice clients and get paid. 

To sweeten the deal, Chase Bank customers even get same day payouts -> Talk about fast!

Accept Payments
in the Field

With WorkizPay, your techs can easily take payments in the field. When a technician is giving service to a client, they can take payments using just their Workiz mobile application. Technicians can either swipe the actual physical credit card, or input the credit card number into WorkizPay. This allows you to not only get paid faster, but make the process much more seamless for clients. 

Processing rates are as low as 2.69% per transaction and there are no hidden fees.

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Get full access, no credit card required.