We would like to share some valuable insights from a webinar we had about “Mastering Your Website to Get More Sales,” hosted by Wes Friednash, Partnerships Manager at Workiz, Matt Merry, the Marketing Director at Junk Removal Authority, and Curtis Taylor, the Director of Web and SEO at Junk Removal Authority to get all the strategies and techniques to optimize websites for increased sales.

Here are the key takeaways

1. The power of a user-friendly website

The webinar emphasized the importance of creating a user-friendly website with basic user experience (UX) principles . A well-designed and intuitive interface not only enhances the user experience but also encourages visitors to stay longer and explore more of what your business has to offer.

Pro tips:

  • Most important thing to consider: Value proposition and clear CTAs
  • Design your website with clear messaging and your brand colors
  • Your website should be simple and easy to navigate

2. Driving traffic to your website:

There are multiple options for getting new leads to your site, depending on your industry and target demographic. This webinar gives us a variety of ways to use paid advertising, organic traffic and direct traffic to your website in order to continuously bring more traffic and quality leads to your website.

Pro tips

  • Optimize website speed by minimizing unnecessary scripts, compressing images, and utilizing caching techniques.
  • Build your website according to your target demographic
  • Utilize SEO keywords and  images that will target your ideal audience


Up And Down Buttons

3. Effective call-to-action (CTA) placement

A well-placed and compelling call-to-action can significantly impact conversion rates. It is important to strategically position CTAs throughout the website, making them clear and enticing to encourage visitors to take the desired action. It’s important to remember that too many CTAs may confuse your customers and hurt their user experience. The best CTAs are  1. “Book now” and 2. “Call me”.

Pro tips 

  • Stick a floating “Book now” CTA on the right hand side of your website to enable to the user to book
  • Guide them to a booking form as soon as they click “Book Now”
  • Include a “Call Me” CTA as well to give users the option to book through calls

4. Mobile responsiveness

With the dependance on mobile device usage, it is crucial to ensure that your website is fully responsive across all devices. Almost everyone today starts searching for services using their mobile device and your website needs to have an easy user experience in order to drive traffic, obtain your online presence and convert new leads with minimal effort.

Pro tips

  • Design your website with the mobile version as a priority
  • 40% of mobile users are more likely to book right away
  • Include a quick and clear CTA like “Book Now”

5. Properly managing converted leads

Nurturing your new leads are just as crucial as capturing them in the first place. The webinar provided insights into creating a brand beyond your website, clearly communicating to your new customer post-booking, and how to turn new customers into advocates for your business.

Pro tips

  • Once a new customer books, you need to send… confirmation/ on my way messages
  • After the job is done, you need to request a review to increase more brand awareness
  • Good communication is the key to setting your business apart from competitors.
Analyzing Data

6. Utilizing analytics tools

To continuously improve your website’s performance, it is important to track and analyze data. The webinar discussed the use of analytics tools to gain insights into visitor behavior, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance sales. Workiz offers advance reporting and analytics tools to make this easy.

Pro tips:

  • Make sure you are looking at your marketing in a holistic way
  • Look at your customers actions and invest more in what works for them
  • Always test your website with new keywords and images based of what you learn


Mastering Your Website and implementing the strategies and techniques discussed above can enhance user experience, boost conversion rates, and ultimately drive more sales.

Full webinar: Mastering your website to get more sales