They are the voice of your business to your customers and are responsible for ensuring that the right job gets routed to the right tech.

If you want your service business to grow, earn more revenue, and avoid mistakes that just might cost you hundreds of dollars, you’d better invest in a dispatching field service software to automate and optimize your field workers’ schedules, making dispatchers’ lives so much easier.

Here’s how it can drive greater efficiencies for your dispatch and field service teams:

1. Optimize your tech’s routes to reduce travel costs

By assigning jobs that are close together to one tech, you can reduce travel times and costs across your entire business. Your dispatchers should be using GPS tools or a dispatching software to find the best routes. With Workiz dispatching field service software, jobs can be assigned to service areas automatically according to the distance from the job location. You can then get reports by service areas and even restrict team members to their service location. It really is the easiest way to reduce time on the road and make sure that your techs arrive in a timely manner for each job.

2. Constantly keep your customers in the loop

Customers do not like to be forgotten about. Or ignored. Or delayed. Especially when they have an emergency situation that they need your help with. It’s up to your dispatchers to ensure that there is constant communication between your business and your clients at all times. By automating the process and having auto-triggered notifications through SMS and email messages before and after a job, you’ll be able to keep your clients updated at all times and reduce your cancellation rates tremendously. At the end of the day, clients value communication almost as much as they value getting the job done.

3. Create a simple workflow

If you’ve been running your service business for a while now, you know that organizing your workflow is essential to succeed. One of the best ways to manage ongoing jobs is to group them together according to job status in the field service software. Workiz dispatching field service software allows you to divide your schedule and see what’s waiting for action, what’s in progress and what’s pending. It will help your dispatchers manage tasks efficiently and easily find what they need when they need it.

4. Manage your business with an all-in-one Phone System

How many dispatchers do you have? Ideally, you have just enough to run the business, but not too many that you’re losing money on salaries. Workiz Service Phone provides an all-in-one system that will save your dispatcher’s time by avoiding multiple platforms and enabling them to call clients right from inside a job. It also offers features such as call queues to ensure that your dispatchers don’t miss important phone calls, converts voicemail to texts so that the dispatchers can add it as a new job in just one click, and shows the full job timeline to help dispatchers follow client’s requests and identify important info.

5. Track your leads

If you have a system to track where your leads are coming from, your dispatchers will be able to figure out the job source before a client even starts speaking. With Workiz’s Ad Tracking, you can add a “whisper message” that shows which lead source the client came from (i.e., your whisper message could say, “This job came from Yelp.”). That way, your dispatchers don’t need to ask how the client found you, you don’t have to rely on your client’s memory, and your reporting is 100% accurate! Then, you can also quickly generate a revenue report to see what ads are bringing you the most leads and where you should invest your marketing budget.

By utilizing these 5 points in your field service business, you will be able to improve productivity for dispatchers and for the entire team. At Workiz, the future of field service means utilizing technology in order to save time and make more money.

And in the field service industry, let’s be honest, time = money.

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