It’s like music to their ears. Why? Because they know that feedback is their secret sauce to turning customers into repeat buyers who will never look at their competitors again. If you’re driving around with a worn-out vinyl wrap, you’re hurting your marketing and reputation. Let’s take a look at why you haven’t updated your service vehicle and see how to pull off an easy, damage-free removal of vinyl wrap.

1. Understand what’s holding you back from upgrading your wrap

You think the job will take too long

Vinyl has a lifespan of 7-10 years. You may be a service pro who wears out their vinyl within an inch of its life. And once old vinyl begins to chip in several sections, you’re in for a long and tough removal process. Removal at this point can take several days or even longer if you’re not prepared with the right tools and equipment.

Like snowflakes, no two car wrapping removals are the same. For your sake and your business, set aside a time frame of when you can complete the job without disrupting sales. A conservative time estimate will prevent you from feeling rushed; if you’re working with a fleet of vans, try working in small batches.

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You think you’re going to lose money

No one wants to spend extra money on repairing damaged paint. Applying another coat can cost between $500 and $3,500, so it’s important you nail down the car wrapping removal steps to prevent peeling the paint and losing money to an avoidable situation.

You’re skeptical of your workmanship

Vinyl should be placed over its original paint coat for the most polished results. But not every technician carries themselves with integrity, and some will lay down a poor-quality vinyl just to make a quick sale. Service pros might have to deal with a vinyl wrap that’s been installed over a bad paint job that already shows rips, stains, and a raised texture.

Since you’ve already been burned once, you’re taking measures into your own hands, and you need to brush up on your knowledge, confidence, and process. Now is the time to plan out how you’re going to perform each task and what the final result will look like.

Quality Vinyl Plate

2. What tools should be on a service pros checklist?

  • Heating tools: a heat gun, steam cleaner, or blow torch
  • Vinyl remover tool: plastic chisel blade or motor guard stripe eliminator
  • Adhesive remover spray
  • Car wash soap
Carwash Soap Sponge

3. How to remove vinyl wrap without damaging the car

Step 1:

Heat car vinyl:
Use your heating tool to loosen up the adhesive. We recommend 50ºC or 120ºF. Hold the heating tool a few centimeters away from the car and evenly distribute heat across a small section. Wear gloves for protection, and make sure not to burn the vinyl—the nasty residue it leaves behind will make your day a lot longer and a lot stickier.

Step 2:

Start peeling a corner:
Your ultimate goal is to peel off the vinyl in one piece like a glove. The more pieces, the longer the car wrapping removal will take. Find the edge towards the bottom, around a door or the trunk. Slide a plastic chisel under the vinyl and slowly pull at a 15-20 degree angle. Never use a metal chisel because it will damage the substrate.

Step 3:

Remove adhesive from the car:
Once the vinyl is off, you’ll be left with a sticky layer of adhesive. Apply adhesive remover and let it stay on for 5-15 minutes, depending on the thickness.

Step 4:

Wash the car:
To truly create repeat customers, deliver 5-star customer service. Clean your customer’s car after removing the adhesive. Use soap made specifically for cars like Meguiar’s Gold Class, which will remove the leftover streaks without stripping away the wax or polish.

Removing Adhesive Cleapups

Say goodbye to embarrassing vehicles

By listening closely to our feedback, you’ll prevent starting a car wrapping removal job only to realize you have no idea what you’re doing. The steps to removing vinyl wrap from a car are simple. For service pros, it’s listening to (and carrying out) advice where you really put in the work.

Advertising with vinyl car wraps

Advertising with Vinyl Car Wraps is one awesome and inexpensive way to market your service business, in addition to online booking (whether or not you have a website) and more.

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Grow your business with Workiz

The leading field service platform for teams. Schedule jobs, dispatch, invoice, track performance, and get paid — all in one platform.