Creating a successful campaign

To create a campaign that captures leads and converts them into bookings, start with Facebook’s Ad Manager, which guides you through setting up your ad based on your marketing objective. For plumbers looking to attract new customers, ‘Lead Generation’ or ‘Traffic’ campaigns are usually most effective. Here’s a simplified campaign setup process tailored for plumbing businesses:

Choose your objective. Opt for ‘Lead generation’ to gather customer info directly or ‘Traffic’ to drive potential clients to your website.

Define your audience. Use Facebook’s targeting options to hone in on your ideal customer profile, including location, age, homeowner status, and interests.

Set your budget. Start small to test the waters and scale up once you’ve identified ads that perform well.

Design your ad. Combine visuals and copy that resonate with your target audience. Include an irresistible offer, such as a free plumbing inspection or a discount on the first service.

Online Booking. Add an online booking widget to your ad or landing page for an easier way to let clients book your services.

Launch and monitor. Set your campaign live and track its performance closely, making adjustments as needed for better results.

“Google ads are very expensive and there is more competition, but with Facebook Ads you can get more leads, and it’s cheaper.”
Ranny Bloch, Director of Growth at Workiz

Types of Facebook ads

To utilize the power of Facebook advertising, it’s important to understand the different types of ads available and how to optimize them for maximum impact. Here are the most effective Facebook ad types for plumbing businesses and tips to make them successful.

Facebook Image Ad

Image ads

Simple and straightforward, image ads feature a still photo and are remarkably effective when paired with compelling copy and a clear call-to-action (CTA). For plumbers, showcasing before-and-after images of completed work can attract interest.

Pro tip
Use high-resolution images and include your business logo to increase brand recognition.

Video ads

With the ability to demonstrate your plumbing services in action, video ads capture attention and provide valuable content. Use short, engaging videos that highlight quick repairs, tips, or customer testimonials.

Pro tip
Keep videos under 2 minutes for higher engagement and include subtitles for sound-off viewing.

Facebook Carousel Ad Example

Carousel ads

These let you display up to ten images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. Carousel ads are perfect for showing different services or a step-by-step guide on simple maintenance tasks.

Pro tip
Use high-quality, consistent imagery and connect each carousel card to a related landing page for detailed information.

Slideshow ads

These are similar to video ads but utilize less bandwidth, making them ideal for users with slower internet connections. Compile photos into a slideshow to tell a story or display various services.

Pro tip
Slideshow ads should have a clear narrative and a CTA that guides viewers to the next step.
Facebook Ads Manager

Lead ads

Designed for mobile, lead ads simplify the customer’s journey to book a plumbing service. Users can easily express their interest without leaving Facebook.

Pro tip
Tailor the lead form to ask the essential questions without being tedious to fill out.

Messenger ads

Reach out directly to potential clients by engaging them in Messenger. These are useful for answering queries or offering personalized service.

Pro tip
Set up automated responses or Messenger bots to handle FAQs while capturing lead information.


Ad budget: efficient spend for solid returns

For small plumbing business owners, ad budgets need to work as hard as possible. A well-planned budget strategy centers around:

  • Starting small and adjusting based on performance.
  • Focusing on cost-per-lead rather than just clicks or impressions.
  • Allocating more to ads that are performing well and pausing or optimizing those that aren’t.
  • Using A/B testing to compare different ad formats and messaging.

Remember, consistent monitoring and tweaking are key to optimizing your budget for the best ROI. Having a software that tracks your ads according to a unique phone number will give you an easier way to track every ad’s performance in order to make better business decisions.


Incorporating Facebook ads into your marketing arsenal can keep your plumbing business flowing with new leads. By understanding the types of ads, crafting a campaign that speaks directly to your consumer’s needs, and budgeting intelligently, you can build a pipeline of prospective clients. And when it comes to managing the fruits of your advertising labor, Workiz offers the tools to monitor every ad’s performance, giving you comprehensive reports and analytics to ensure that every dollar spent is an investment towards growing your service business. Book more jobs, keep your schedule full, and let your plumbing skills shine with a well-oiled Facebook ad campaign backed by Workiz’s robust management capabilities.