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The importance of appliance repair technicians

Appliance repair technicians are highly valuable and skilled workers who help to restore damaged appliances to good health. Trying to fix damaged appliances by yourself can be a bit challenging and frustrating, and without a technician, you might end up damaging them beyond repair.

Here are the top reasons why appliance repair technicians are highly important

They are efficient

Appliance repair technicians are highly effective with their work. They know how to figure out what is wrong with the broken appliances quickly and offer solutions that bring them back to normality. They do this quicker than people who are not trained and allow you to save time.

They prevent further damage

Fixing a broken machine using your insufficient knowledge might cause more damage if you are not careful. If more harm is done to the machine, you are more likely to spend more money to fix the machine than you would have spent if you initially consulted a technician. 95% of the time, technicians fix up the appliance and prevent further extensive damage. They save you a lot of time and money.

They are the safest option

Some machines or appliances are complex and might expose you to serious health hazards if you try to fix them on your own. Technicians are more careful and are trained to handle situations when a damaged appliance is dangerous to operate on.

Current appliance repair salary trend

There has been a positive growth in the salaries of appliance technicians over the recent years. Over the last 5 years, the salaries of appliance repair technicians have increased by 11% compared to the recent projected salary in 2024.


Source: Appliance technician job and salary trends over time

A wide range of reported wages

According to ZipRecruiter, it reports a spectrum of hourly wages for Appliance Repair Technicians, with figures reaching as high as $36.54 and dipping as low as $12.74. However, the prevailing range for these wages falls between $19.23 (25th percentile) and $27.88 (75th percentile) nationwide.

Source: Appliance Repair Technician Salary on ziprecruiter

The diagram above describes the growth rate of salary received by appliance technicians. This increase can be due to the following reasons.

Technological advancement

Year after year, there are advancements in technology and the production of more complex machines that require the best hands. This raises the demand for technicians in the market and a need to increase the payment for service.

Formation of unions

Unions are now being formed among technicians living in a particular region so they can request higher wages when they go to offer a service.


Technicians are now undergoing specialized training and getting certificates as a way of adding more value to themselves. They are now able to apply to reputable companies and earn better wages.

Factors affecting appliance repair technicians salary

Appliance reparation is a good-paying job and is highly competitive in the labor market. You have to be at the top of your game to get more customers and make more money. The average salary of appliance repair technicians in the United States is about $40,880 per annum. Technicians can however earn more or less than the average depending on several factors that will be discussed.


As a technician, where you work plays a huge role in the average salary that you get. Technicians who live and work in urban cities like Alaska or New York earn more than those who stay in more rural cities. The average salary of a technician in Alaska is $53,370 which is more than the average pay and might even go beyond that depending on other factors.


The level of education among technicians sometimes determines how much they are likely to earn. Appliance repair technicians with a level of education as high as college are more likely to earn better salaries than those with just a high school certificate. Some reputable organizations make the level of education a compulsory criterion to become their technicians. These companies are known to pay their technicians more than the average regular salary


Appliance repair technicians who are novices in the profession are expected to get less compared to those who are veterans. Veterans are even expected to get more job offers because they are more knowledgeable and easier to trust than those who are beginners. Repair technicians with about 4 years of experience usually earn an average salary of $32,500 while the veterans with over 6 years of experience make an average of $40,500.

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Future outlook: appliance repair technicians earnings in 2024

The projected salary for appliance repair technicians in 2024 is about $42,251. This is a +3.2% rise from the average salary received in 2023. This shows a positive growth in the profession and how lucrative it is going to be in years to come. Technicians can receive way higher than depending on experience and other factors. Entry-level technicians will receive lesser salaries but as they continue to progress and add more value to themselves, their salaries become better.

Projected growth for appliance repair jobs

The growth of appliance repair jobs continues to increase every year. The job is getting more lucrative and the demand for technicians has also been on the rise. It is projected that by the end of 2028, there will be an 8% increase in the growth rate of the profession since 2018. For the next decade, there are over 17,600 estimated new jobs for appliance technicians. Grow your appliance repair business with the perfect appliance repair software for businesses. The growth rate is massive and can be attributed to the following reasons.


Machines are getting more complex and there is a need for specialization around certain appliances. New appliances are also in production which will raise the need for more technicians in years to come.

Economic situation

Due to the rate of inflation in the economy, a large percentage of the population will now prefer to repair their broken appliances rather than replace them. This is cost-effective for the owners of the appliances and raises the need for more technicians.

Effect of industries

Industries do employ appliance technicians full-time to take care of their machines. They select their technicians based on different criteria like level of education, and experience. In years to come, there will be more industries and more employment opportunities for technicians.

Environmental factor

Strict rules are now being placed that prevent people from dumping broken machines into the environment without trying to fix them. This allows for consultation of technicians to fix broken appliances. The appliance can only be thrown away when it is declared as being damaged by a technician.

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Emerging technology impacting appliance repair salaries

Technology is changing the world and has become an important aspect of human lives. Appliance technicians now use technology to increase their pay. Technology has impacted the earnings of technicians in the following ways.

Use of 3D printing

A quick method of fixing appliances is the use of 3D printing. Technicians now use this technology to create replacements for damaged parts of appliances to help reduce the cost of reparation. It is ideal and quick and it charges more than the usual method, impacting the salaries of the technicians.

Repairing advanced appliances charges more

Some appliances are now built with special technology that is uncommon in regular appliances. Damage to these kinds of appliances requires special treatment from expert technicians and this has a positive effect on their pay. Owners of these tools are ready to spend a lot of money to fix the problem and almost pay the technician whatever they request for as long as the issue is fixed.

Influence of technology in organization

Some companies make use of special technology like data analytics to help predict faults in broken appliances and offer solutions to fix them. Some companies also use robots to fix damaged appliances. Using these kinds of tools requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. Technicians assigned to carry out this duty are paid higher than the regular average salary.

Demographic shifts and geographical variances in salaries

Despite having the same years of experience and level of expertise, two appliance technicians working in two different cities can receive different salaries. Where a technician works determines how much they get as their pay and can be due to various factors. It could also be due to demographic shifts where the factors affecting the composition of a population influence how much a technician is paid.

Geographical variances

Salaries of appliance technicians vary across different geographical locations due to the following reasons

Some cities or regions are more developed than others and this has a positive effect on the salary they earn. The demand for technicians is higher in the urban cities compared to rural ones. Also, in urban cities, the cost of living is more and this makes the technicians charge more for their services than they would in rural areas.

Economic factor
Different cities in a country have different economic situations that fluctuate from time to time. During periods when there is a depression in the economy of a city, technicians living in that city might earn lower than the average salary.

Geographic regulations
Different cities have regulations that can have a great impact on the salaries of technicians. For instance, an Appliance Technicians Union formed in a city can agree to charge more for their services compared to a union in another city.

Demographic shifts

Demographic shifts can affect the salary of technicians due to the following reasons:

Gender biases in society mostly affect female technicians and cause them to receive lesser pay compared to men.

Educated technicians in a community have an edge over the uneducated ones in the labor market and get more salaries.


What is the average salary for appliance repair technicians in 2024?

The average projected salary for technicians in 2024 is about $42,251. Technicians across different cities charge an average of $20.3 per hour of service. This is however not the case for every technician as some of them charge higher due to different factors.

How does the appliance repair technician's salary in 2024 compare to previous years?

The projected salary for 2024 is significantly higher compared to the previous years. Over the last 5 years, there has been about an 11% increase in the salaries earned by appliance technicians. This explains the growth of the industry over the years.

What factors contribute to the varying salaries of appliance repair technicians in 2024?

Different factors cause varying salaries among different technicians. Some of these factors include location, level of education, experience, unionization, the strength of the economy, and many others.

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Are there any certifications or additional training that can increase an appliance repair technician's salary in 2024?

There are special certifications that technicians can acquire to improve their value and get better salaries. Technicians can receive a certificate from the National Appliances Service Technician Certification, NASTeC, after passing the exams that test their skills. These certificates are requirements to get employment in top companies that offer better salaries.

Can the location or region impact an appliance repair technician's salary in 2024?

Yes, location will have a great impact on a technician’s salary in 2024. Technicians who stay in urban cities like Alaska are expected to receive higher salaries than those in other cities.

Are there any predictions or trends indicating potential changes in appliance repair technicians' salaries in 2024?

Following the salary trend of the last four years, there will be potential changes in salary in 2024 in the positive direction.

How does the salary of an appliance repair technician in 2024 differ between residential and commercial contexts?

The salary of a commercial appliance repair technician will be significantly higher than those in the residential setting because they help to maintain and repair larger appliances found mostly in industries. Residential technicians repair less complex appliances that are found in homes.