6 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Appliance Repair Business to Immediately Get More Leads


The business landscape is changing drastically and the internet is rapidly taking over, leaving little room for the traditional ways businesses and services used to advertise. This includes appliance repair businesses which have quite a demanding landscape. Providing excellent service just doesn’t cut it any longer. It’s now all about having a wide outreach that generates more leads and attracts more customers to keep the business rolling. You need to back your marketing plan with some smart digital strategies and use the right tools and software to manage your tasks. 

Here are some tips to follow to improve your appliance repair marketing strategy that can draw customers. These tips will for sure attract leads and quickly turn them into paying customers.

1. Use SEO & PPC marketing

An appliance repair company should invest in SEO and Pay-Per-Click marketing strategies to get speedy results. Using SEO-centric keywords will make your business easy to find. You need to put out fresh content, link your page throughout your website (backlinking), use specific key words, and receive analytic reports to track your progress. You also need blog content to keep your website fresh and more core website pages detailing your services to drive traffic to your location, where people are looking for appliance repair services. By improving your SEO tactics and investing in Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services, you can expand your visibility on search engines and will be able to scale your appliance repair business and get new customers within 24 hours! 

2. Visit lead generation websites

If you hope to increase the number of customers you have, you either need to increase your conversation rates or increase the number of leads. Social media can boost your sales and make your business visible to the right people at the right time, but you need to have the right tools to track your leads.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? To make your work easy, you can visit lead generation websites like Thumbtack. These websites do all your research to target audiences who have the highest chances of buying your product and help you connect with your potential customers. It’s a win-win situation for both- your get new business and your customers get the service, however, you also want to make sure you are investing in the right lead generation websites and ensure you are actually making money from them.

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3. Service Chatbots can come to the rescue

Chatbots are made to support business teams in their relationships with customers. Chatbots can be convenient for your customers as these deliver 24×7 automated customer support, increase customer engagement, save a huge amount of time, and also cut down human errors. A chatbot also helps you to scale up your operations and takes the load off your customer support team.


4. Email Marketing always delivers

It is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in their inbox. Email marketing builds an effective tool to communicate with the people who matter the most for your appliance repair business, enhances your brand with new and potential clients, and boosts your business. Email marketing is such an effective appliance repair marketing technique that it can help your business reach a global audience and make an impact.

5. Online reviews and testimonials are Key

One of the most successful appliance repair marketing techniques is posting online reviews and testimonials.  You can convert a lead into a customer with a powerful testimonial. Use quote testimonials, social media testimonials, before and after pictures, customer reviews, influencer testimonials, blog post reviews, case studies, video testimonials, documentary series and media coverage to get more customers. Along with reviews and testimonials, you can also approach your customers to give ratings that will enhance the reliability of your business.

In order to get a good customer review, you should be sending automatic messages to your clients after a job to ask them about your service. Try using Workiz automatic review request feature to remind clients to give you a great review after a job well done.

6. Offer personalized solutions to your customers

Offering personalized customer service shows that you care about your customer and it can set your appliance repair business apart from the competition. You can give a spontaneous discount for your loyal customers so that they continue to use your business. Showing personalization in customer service increases engagement and builds a personal connection with them so that they feel valued and important. This leads to building trust and ensures that they remain your existing customer for a long time.


If you have been witnessing a dormant phase in your appliance repair business, things are going to spice up now! You will definitely be able to generate more leads by implementing the above-mentioned appliance repair marketing strategies. Generating leads allows you to make connections with potential customers, which in turn will create more sales.

With these marketing tips, you can surely carve a niche for yourself as a successful businessman in your appliance repairing business. To get more such insights and access to tools and software that can boost your business, visit Workiz and let us assist you in giving your customers a reason to choose you and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Try out Workiz today and get your own chatbot, ad tracking tool and much more! 

Schedule, Dispatch, Invoice And Close More Customers

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

They also close 43% more customers.

Schedule, Dispatch, Invoice And Close More Customers

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

They also close 43% more customers.

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