Jacob Szender and his brothers were living in Connecticut and running a local locksmith business from their small office. While they were very good at their craft, Jacob had more of an entrepreneurial mindset that made him think of something bigger. He knew that one of the important things to start to scale is to have a good website, a marketing plan, and software to handle the day-to-day business. Once he had everything in place, his small locksmith business started to grow and expand and that was just the beginning.

The challenges

In the early stages, Sure Lock and Key struggled with manually transcribing invoices, distributing them to customers, and navigating through inconvenient file searches that affected the company’s overall organization, efficiency, customer satisfaction and scalability. Jacob found that if they were ever going to get to a place where they could keep all of their jobs organized in one system there was no way they were going to succeed.

The main challenges Sure Lock and Key faced:

  1. The reliance on multiple systems and manual tracking which led to inefficiencies and errors in scheduling and dispatching.
  2. The lack of a unified platform made it difficult to send estimates and invoices, contributing to disorganization.
  3. Limited access to detailed business insights left Jacob and his team without the information needed to make strategic decisions for growth.

The solution

In their search for an all-in-one locksmith business management software, Sure Lock and Key were looking for a solution that could give them structure in their business, offered an easy-to-navigate user experience, easy to train and onboard new team members and came at an accessible price point. Workiz ticked all these boxes and more, offering a comprehensive platform that addressed each of their pain points directly.

“I chose Workiz because it offered me a full solution of managing the field service technicians, the onsite jobs as well as the back office. It’s also really easy to use, and not only for someone that is tech savvy but for any person that could come and immediately understand what’s happening in the system.”
Jacob Szender

The top three integral parts that led to their success are

Workiz’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities gave them full business visibility. They relied on these reports to determine salary distributions based on factors like technician performance, workload distribution across different areas, closing rates, sales figures, and the effectiveness of various ad campaigns.

The automation processes, covering areas such as alerting techs before their next job, notifying customers of their scheduled job a day before with confirmation, sending “Thank you” messages post job, requesting a review after a job, sending auto-reminders for unpaid invoice, automating his service plans and notifying customers of upcoming visits were significant in allowing Jacob and his team to focus on growing the business with minimal manual labor and mistakes.

Having a fully customizable centralized system for scheduling, dispatching, and financial management, equipped Sure Lock and Key with the tools necessary for significant growth and operational organization within the team.

Sure Lock And Key Company Locations

The results

The implementation of Workiz dramatically transformed Sure Lock and Key’s operations. Starting with barely getting 1-2 calls a day in Connecticut to now managing 200 daily job requests and expanding into multiple cities and states such as New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Texas and Arizona.

“With Workiz I was able to expand my small business into multiple locations & over 100 employees”
Jacob Szender

The intuitive onboarding process and dedicated customer support from Workiz ensured a smooth transition, quickly bringing their team up to speed. Centralizing their operations on Workiz allowed them to:

  • Efficiently manage and dispatch jobs, ensuring the right technicians were matched with jobs according to geographical areas.
  • Streamline their subcontractor management, allowing for easy calculation of commissions and better project oversight.
  • Gain invaluable insights from Workiz’s reporting features, enabling better control over marketing efforts and revenue management.


Jacob and his team found that Workiz was the best tool to enable their fast growth and excel their efficiency. The platform provided a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for their business needs, giving them everything they needed to keep the calls, jobs, and team completely organized and efficient so that they could focus on expansion and providing the best possible customer service.

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