What is Linxup?

Founded in 2004, Linxup is the innovative creator of fleet and field service tracking solutions built for businesses across more than 20 industries. Linxup’s GPS tracking solutions help companies reduce operating costs, increase profits, improve worker productivity, minimize risks, and build stronger customer relationships. It provides essential features like geofencing, custom alerts, route history, ETA/follow-up, usage monitoring, maintenance management, and resource allocation reporting. Most importantly, Linxup delivers peace of mind to businesses managing a growing fleet.

How does the Workiz-Linxup integration work?

Simply add your fleet to Linxup, connect it to the Workiz app, and watch your fleet information automatically convert in seconds. Through this seamless integration, you can monitor vehicle location through GPS tracking—all from the Workiz app.

Lixup Monitoring

What benefits can you expect from the Linxup App?

  1. Monitor driver behavior: Keep tabs on vehicle speed and fuel levels to promote safe and efficient driving habits among your fleet members.
  2. Boost productivity: Identify idle time, excessive breaks, and unauthorized vehicle use, taking the necessary action to ensure optimal fleet usage and productivity.
  3. Stay informed: Receive alerts and reporting on movement, activity, geo-fences, and more, giving you up-to-date information to make the best decisions for your business.
  4. Enjoy user-friendly tools: Access the easy-to-use, interactive dashboard and mobile app for quick updates and adjustments from anywhere at any time.

Discover new possibilities with Workiz and Linxup

Our new integration with Linxup offers an incredible opportunity for you to improve your fleet performance, deliver better service to your customers, and elevate your business management experience. To learn more about how Workiz can help you maximize the potential of your fleet and field service business, schedule a demo today! Together, Workiz and Linxup make fleet management simpler, seamless and more effective than ever before.