It’s all too common for locksmiths to lose money on inventory. Whether they have flaky suppliers that deliver goods late (or they can’t find a quality locksmith inventory software) they can be forced to decline jobs when inventory is unavailable or misplaced.

Today, we’ve listed 21 established locksmith wholesalers who have special offers and programs to reduce the cost of inventory and help you grow your business.

Where to buy locksmith supplies and tools in bulk

  1. Locks Co

The time from purchase to delivery (AKA your lead time) determines whether you can book that next important job or lose the money because you don’t have a part. This locksmith wholesaler offers same-day, next-day, and courier shipping.

  1. Maziuk Wholesale

Need advanced video surveillance technology alongside parts for a 1944 Chrysler? Maziuk is dedicated to finding parts both new and rare.

  1. UHS Hardware

Besides supplying automotive and residential locksmith supplies and tools, UHS hosts the American Locksmith Convention. Grab a ticket to network, meet brand representatives, and source new products.

  1. American Key Supply

Don’t have money to purchase tools? Build your locksmith inventory by leasing tools to own. Get everything you need now, and pay it off over time.

  1. Accredited Lock Supply

Strengthen your inventory managers with weekly training offered by the experts at ALS. Trained managers (especially those who use real-time inventory tracking) can make quicker, more informed decisions to manage their locksmith supplies and tools.

  1. Orchard Lock

If you focus on commercial buildings, Orchard will provide architectural project support as well as door hardware for any security problem.

  1. CLK Supplies

This locksmith wholesaler provides financing options to protect your cash flow. CLK has 12-60 month installment plans and a line of credit for up to $50,000.

  1. Key Innovations

More than just a leading global supplier of car keys and key programmers, these guys educate you on locksmith inventory management. Sign up for their super-informative newsletter and read their blog.

  1. Transponder Island

Clear out old inventory and save money? Yes, please! Transponder Island lets you send in old, unwanted remotes and smart keys for credit towards your next purchase.

  1. DHgate

DHgate has a small selection of locksmith tools and supplies. You don’t pay until after you inspect inventory and approve it.

  1. Locksmith Supply

Locksmith Supply carries trusted names like Dexter as well as alternative brands that are more affordable.

  1. Global Sources

Search through vendors easily. You can read their print magazine, visit a trade show or private sourcing event to find a match.

  1. H.E. Mitchell

Need discounts on locksmith supplies and tools? This supplier has regular sales on common automotive, residential, and commercial keys.

  1. U.S. Lock

Download their mobile app to see real-time product availability and scan barcodes inside Home Depot stores.

  1. The Locksmith Store

A locksmith wholesaler for scaling companies. They specialize in helping you grow at a steady, sustainable pace to create a business that lasts.

  1. Alibaba

Want to find elite suppliers? Alibaba’s gold supplier badge shows who’s serious about bringing you the best locksmith supplies and tools.

  1. Wholesale4inc

Damaged inventory can put the brakes on your service. Wholesale4inc will pay the return shipping costs if they accidentally send you faulty supplies.

  1. Zippy Locks

Have an automotive locksmith business? These specialists should be the first place you look for car keys and hardware.

  1. Standard Wholesale Hardware

If you’re on the east coast, these locksmith wholesalers are the #1 distributors in the region. Buying local may save time on shipping.

  1. HL Flake Security Hardware

Locksmith inventory managers need orders delivered on time. HL has same-day shipping and some of the best fill rates in the industry.

  1. Professional Lock Suppliers

Not only will they supply you with deadbolts, but they also offer monthly classes on advanced diagnostics, brand reviews, and certification training.

Reduce costs by using a locksmith inventory software

Plan to work with one of these locksmith wholesalers? Then you’ll need a clear idea of your in-demand stock.

Use a locksmith inventory software to get an overview of your essential locksmith tools between storage containers, vehicles, and your office. Once you know your stock numbers, you can set up alerts to notify you when an item will run out. Then you can predict when it’s time to reorder and send over custom reports to suppliers so they can provide resources to keep your inventory costs down!

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