You’re a master problem solver and a security consultant to boot. And the more knowledgeable you are, the more your customers trust you, which results in improved customer retention and even more business. But how do you acquire the information you need to update your skills, keep up with industry changes and find out about new products?

Locksmith blogs

Locksmith blogs include articles like:

  • How to secure your home while you’re on vacation

  • Tips to secure your sliding glass door

  • How to get a car key made without the original

  • Benefits of rekeying your locks

  • Commercial lever lock installation for business

  • Top reasons to install an intercom on your property

  • Common types of commercial locks

The Benefits of Following Locksmith Blogs

77% of internet users read blogs, so you know you’ll be in good company when you start reading locksmith blogs.

In truth, locksmith blogs are not intended for other locksmiths. Rather, the author’s goals are to attract potential customers and provide them with value. (But you should read them anyway!)

Locksmith blogs are generally written by working locksmiths and cover an endless number of locksmith topics as well as more general subjects connected to safety, like security cameras, intercoms, and alarm systems. While you may not be an expert in all these areas, locksmith blogs will teach you new information and help you understand —

  • What interests your customers (remember for whom the posts are written?)

  • Solutions to problems you might one day encounter

  • The answers to all your lingering questions about picking locks

With all this knowledge about your industry, your customers will be impressed and will value your services even more.

But how do you know which locksmith blogs are credible and worth reading?

Below is a list of 20 locksmith blogs (written by locksmiths from all over the world) that have solid information. They cover topics for the:

  • Automotive locksmith

  • Commercial locksmith

  • Residential locksmith

  • Emergency locksmith

On different subjects like:

  • Car key replacement

  • Commercial lock installation

  • Deadbolt replacement

  • Key fob programming

  • Residential lock installation

  • Lockout service

  • Rekeying

  • Security Lock installation

  • Safe opening

  • Ignition replacement

Take a look at these locksmiths’ blogs, find the ones you connect to, and then, choose two or three blogs to follow regularly.

Here are the 20 Best Locksmith Blogs

  1. Smart Locksmith

Smart Locksmith has a great post about what to look for when buying a commercial safe with information about SL rating and the different fire level ratings.

“Smart Locksmith is a licensed, insured, and certified Georgia registered locksmith company that offers 24-hour emergency automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services.”

  1. Texas Premier Locksmith

If you’re struggling with how to price your emergency locksmith services, read this article, which provides pricing information for various services.

“Texas Premier Locksmith offers automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services.”

  1. Flying Locksmith

The articles on this site are short and informative. For instance, in this post, the author provides reasons why your automatic doors need maintenance. This is the type of article that might inspire your to read up on the subject. Perhaps you could provide this extra service for an additional source of revenue.

“Be careful to maintain your “Installing confidence since 1946, The Flying Locksmiths became the nation’s first physical security specialists, breaking the preconceived notion of what a locksmith actually is.”

  1. Sure Lock & Key

If you’re looking for a quick solution, use Sure Lock & Key locksmith near me service to find a dependable solution for accessing professional locksmith at your area. Sure Lock & Key service works!

  1. Wynn’s Locksmiths

If you want to expand your knowledge and skill set, you can learn about construction keying here. You’ll gain a basic understanding of where to apply it and how it works.

“Our team includes highly-trained locksmiths, experienced architectural door hardware specialists, and automotive lock experts.  All of whom work together to provide you with a complete service and the best security products at competitive rates.”

  1. Keytek

Showing value to your customers by offering them your opinions on different security-related topics will definitely help them to trust you more (which means being hired again in the future!). In this post, the author compares the quality and security level of different types of front doors.

“We offer a full range of Locksmith services, so whatever your requirements, our experienced Locksmiths will provide a solution with maximum efficiency and minimal fuss.”

  1. United Locksmith

The United Locksmith blog is a great resource for working locksmiths as the author provides lots of training articles like this one, which explains how to change a doorknob.

“A resource for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.”

  1. West Hollywood Locksmith

Smart locks are gaining popularity as our world becomes more digital. Learn more about smart locks in this informative blog post. “We are committed to serving our customers’ locksmith needs and increasing the positive perception associated with the services we provide—always working to minimize costs when you are feeling vulnerable.”

  1. Advanced Lock and Key

Find out tips and tricks for securing a home from burglars in this post. “At Advanced Lock & Key we endeavor to provide a solution to any service obligation our customers may require within our industry.”

  1. All in One Locksmith 

Here’s a post that will inspire you to prepare answers for your customers before they even ask the questions. “We provide all automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services.”

  1. Eastway Lock

Your customers will have questions for you. Can you answer them? For example, do you know what makes metal doors good for a commercial business? Check out this article to find out.

“We service residential, commercial, and industrial clients.”

  1. Midway Lock & Safe 

Not every blog post is directly related to locks. Some articles tackle the topic of safety in general. Check out this one about how to prepare for a natural disaster.

“Midway Lock & Safe has been providing professional residential, commercial and automotive lock and key solutions to satisfied customers throughout Los Angeles for over twenty years.”

  1. Mr. Locksmith

If you work in a cold climate, dont forget to check the web on how to open a frozen lock.

“We’re a family-owned and operated business that provides Professional Locksmithing & Security Services on a 24-hour basis.”

  1. Pick Nick Locksmith

For businesses, access control systems are very popular. This post describes the different types and how they work.

“Automotive, Commercial, and Residential.”

  1. FC-locksmith

A certified door lock is one that has been tested for durability and safety according to certain standards. To learn more about lock testing, read this post.

“At FC Locksmith, we provide fast and effective automotive, residential and commercial service at very competitive rates.”

  1.  A Lenny Locksmith

When trying to determine if you should rekey a lock or change it completely, you can refer to this short article. It briefly discusses the pros and cons of both solutions.

“We provide various services that include house lockouts, car lockouts, new car keys, and car ignitions. We also provide services for garage doors, safety issues, mailbox locks, and much more.”

  1. MIke’s Locksmith

Give your customers simple advice on how they can best secure their homes. Read this post on Home Safety Mistakes to Avoid.

 “Our business, an authorized dealer of Mul-T-Lock, specializes in high-tech, high-security solutions for homes, commercial, businesses, and schools.”

  1. Lock Rite

If you handle commercial sites, here are some tips for securing an office space after a burglary.

“Our locksmiths are on-call 24 hours a day for all types of locksmith work including emergency locksmith services, lock-outs, lock changes & repairs, burglary repairs, and emergency entry. As well as traditional locksmithing, we can also install and maintain the latest digital smart locks for timber, PVCu, and composite doors…”

  1. Quickly Locksmith

Learning about different security products may inspire you to either sell them or install them. Learn more about the different types of safes and their uses here.

“In addition to taking care of the residential areas in and around Miami, we also serve the local business and commercial community.”

  1. South Shore Locksmiths

The garage door can be a vulnerable point for home security. Read these tip to learn how to make you home more secure.

 “We are ALOA certified and provide honest and reliable services day and night for residential and commercial properties.”

Beyond Locksmith Blogs

While locksmith blogs will help you build your knowledge base and win the trust of your customers, locksmith scheduling software will help you run your business. Because, let’s face it, you’re not just a technician who installs, adjusts, repairs, and opens locks (as well as a problem solver and security consultant). You’re also the CEO of a business.

Even if backend work is not your top skill, the survival of your business depends on it.

To attract new customers and retain the ones that you have, running a smooth operation is imperative.

These days, your customers expect to have easy, straightforward, and hassle-free interactions with service businesses. The competition is steep, and with digital software transforming businesses across all industries, you can’t overlook its incredible benefits.

For example, locksmith scheduling software includes features like:

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Invoicing and online payments
  • Automated customer alerts, updates, and reminders
  • Online and chatbot booking
  • Employee tracking
  • In-app service phone system
  • Route planning
  • Back office accounting and systems integration

Workizs locksmith clients have seen a 22% increase in revenue after adopting Workiz’s robust scheduling software.


Reading the right locksmith blogs will help you keep up with industry news and trends as well as teach you new skills. Upgrading your business processes with locksmith scheduling software will help you keep up with the competition and leave you more time to…well, read more locksmith blogs, and more importantly, scale your business operations.2022