Not a gadget that will require you to know your way around the system, and definitely not a machine so fragile that you need constant IT support every time it crashes. Luckily, some key programmers like the NCT-I Pro are not that complex. They are easy to use and to understand but have enough bells and whistles to grow into if you wish. In other words, you should have no problem using them, even if you’re new to locksmithing or technophobic.

If you’d like to consider more options, our guide will give you a better idea of the functions and innovations that match your locksmith needs, starting with the best all-around model, the Autel IM 608 Pro. This key programmer is our top choice because it has endless key programming options and the best all-around functionalities. Then again, we also cover several alternatives for you to choose from.

Best key programmers at a glance:

  1. Autel IM608 Pro

  2. Advanced DIagnostics Smart Pro

  3. AutoProPad G2

  4. Topdon Ninja 1000

  5. Code Canibal

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Let’s unlock the potential of each one, starting with our top choice:

1. Autel IM 608 Pro

Why should you buy this?

With this device, you can program basic car keys as well as Mercedes, BMW, and other more complex key systems.

Who is this for? 

Auto Locksmith and Mechanics with high-end programming needs. This key programming tool is probably the best one in diagnostics, and not just in terms of car key programming. It’s developed to be able to do any kind of smart keys, read and write on the ECU coding, and some OE level programming.

2. Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro

Why should you buy this? 

The Smart Pro is a great problem solver. The prior generation TCode Pro or MVP was a solid key programming Device, and Advanced Diagnostics has made some improvements to make it even better. Though the price has increased, jumping to the most current key programmer, you’re getting top-of-the-line key programmer software. It reaches many car brands and models and probably has the most extended experience in the key programming business. With the right promotions, Advanced Diagnostics includes six months of its all included tokens.

The downside is the high cost of tokens, which is even higher than its competitors. In any case, having a machine like this as a backup full of tokens is an excellent solution when other key programmers cannot solve the problem.

Who is this for? 

Locksmiths in need of a plug-and-play reliable key programmer to use as backup when all others fail.

 3. AutoProPad

Why should you buy this? 

It’s perfect for beginners since it has the best customer support.

Who is this for? 

If you’re just getting into cutting keys and programming them, this could be your best safe bet. Not suitable for mechanics or auto shops, though, since it has no car diagnostics features.

4. TopDon Ninja 1000

Why should you buy this? 

A key scan tool if you want to start with an affordable machine and possibly the best key programmer for the bucks. It’s incredible how much this key programmer can do for less than 500 USD.

One of our favorite features is the ability to program Toyota keys. This auto key programmer has the tool that can do more vehicle keys at the best price. Moreover, even though it’s a very affordable tool, you can still do some of the most advanced keys. The bottom line is it has all the programming functions you can expect on a high-end key programmer.

Who is this for? 

Locksmiths with a limited budget who won’t settle for an inferior solution.

5. Code Cannibal

Why should you buy this?

It’s not the best key programmer out there, but it’s worth every dime if you get a good deal.

Who is this for? 

Sometimes, there are times when you need to pull out different key programmers to solve key programming. If you already have the Smart Pro or the Autel IM608 Pro, it’s an excellent key programmer as a backup. 

Generally, you should look for key programmers covering the widest range of vehicle brands and vehicle models. It may be worthwhile to consider this option if your day-to-day as a locksmith involves working on such a diverse range of vehicles.

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For more programming information, please check the website or call them at +1 305 629 9599, and one of their experts will be happy to guide you towards the most suitable purchase for your budget and needs. 

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