Upselling: the key to survival and growth

Many garage door pros can survive selling only low-priced products for a while, but a successful, forward-thinking pro understands one critical lesson: to grow the business, you must sell a mix of doors that includes high-end ones. Bank solely on price, and you get too dependent on a shrinking profit margin. Upselling is, at its core, about offering value – and this strategy is indispensable to boost your bottom line.

House With Modern Garage Doors

New design doors

Nowadays, garage doors are more than a functional necessity – they have become aesthetic statements for home exteriors. From modern glass garage doors exuding elegance and luxury to rustic farmhouse designs oozing with nostalgia, their potential price range can soar up to $20,000. By tapping into homeowners’ current design preferences and offering them a higher-end product, you can significantly increase your profit margin.

Insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors provide more than just energy efficiency and savings on bills. Priced around $3,500 plus labor, these upgrades transform garages from mere car storage to versatile living spaces. Imagine a hobby room or a year-round ‘man cave.’ Regardless of the weather, your customer’s garage stays comfortable, extending their home’s usable space. Position such benefits to your customer, and the decision to upgrade becomes easier.

Automatic Garage Door Opener

New garage door openers

The demand for quiet, efficient garage doors is on the rise, and with new door openers that sync with smart homes, there’s considerable potential for upselling. In addition to peace and convenience, these new openers priced at around $300 plus labor, also ensure less wear and tear on the garage door itself – a proposition that’s difficult for homeowners to ignore.

Wall-mounted direct drive openers

Breaking free of the restrictions of a clunky engine hanging from the ceiling, wall-mounted direct drive openers can open your customers garage door efficiently and require less space. Their price is around $600 plus labor, which represents a significant upgrade. As an additional upsell, we can provide long-term benefits such as decreased noise, durability, and lower maintenance costs.

Maintenance plans – longevity assurance

Garage doors are substantial investments, and homeowners recognize the necessity of maintenance to ensure longevity, especially in extreme weather conditions. Offering all-inclusive maintenance visits of $200 per year can help increase customer retention substantially and provide a steady income stream. An easy way to maintain these service agreements is by using the Service plans feature in Workiz. In doing so you will have “ownership” over any maintenance work on that specific garage door. In addition, all your contracts are in one platform and you can even set up an automation to notify and remind your clients by text message a few days before the upcoming visit.

Workiz Sales Proposals Feature

The takeaway – upselling to secure your business

Presenting higher-end options first is key. Once you demonstrate the benefits of a more expensive garage door, offering them a lower-end product loses its appeal. An easy way to present multiple options is with the Sales Proposal feature in the Workiz platform. When you present your customer with three options, one being the cheaper lower end option, the second being the affordable mid range option, and the third being the higher priced option, the chances of your client choosing the high end or mid range option can increase  between 10-50%.

Remember, people need to be sold on their options. Show them the elegance of high-end doors, demonstrate the value of insulation, and highlight the convenience of modern garage door openers. Let your customers experience the spectrum of what they could have and not just what they came for. By adopting the right tools and anticipating future opportunities, you can steer your business towards success through effective upselling strategies.

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