1. Proactive Winter Preparation Checks

Don’t wait for your existing customers to call you for emergency issues, instead, reach out to them and offer a maintenance check-up. This preventive step not only reduces the chance of emergency repairs, but also gives you an opportunity to present the benefits of a winter maintenance agreement. These agreements include periodic checks, minor adjustments or repairs throughout the winter season to ensure smooth operation and when visiting the customer, leave a sticker on the door with your contact details. date of inspection and next recommended inspection date. With Workiz’s Service Plans feature you can offer  customized and branded service agreements and manage it all in one platform. Going the extra mile to offer these proactive checks can make a significant difference to your customer service and increase your revenue.

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2. Discount for Replacement

When it comes to the best ways to advertise your garage door business, discounts are always a great way to stimulate business. Use your customer email list to send out newsletters and promotions. Send winter-themed emails, offering special discounts, maintenance tips, and reminders for customers to schedule service appointments before the winter weather hits. Personalized, timely emails can go a long way in retaining and attracting clients.This works extraordinarily well for people who have older garage doors that may not function effectively during the colder months. Incentives, like a major discount or a great offer for replacing their aging doors will not only increase sales but also provide an added advantage to your customers and new leads.

3. Promote Insulated Garage Doors

When it comes to garage door promotional ideas, promoting insulated garage doors can be a fantastic venture, especially during winter. An insulated garage door effectively averts cold air from seeping into a home and the heat from escaping, thus maintaining a comfortable temperature within. Use your marketing platforms such as email and social media to promote these benefits to potential customers, informing them about the high-quality, insulated garage doors that you offer.

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4. Social Media Marketing

In the digital era, utilizing social media channels for marketing is a must, and garage door businesses are no exception. You could establish your business as an expert in the field by sharing beneficial tips and advice on maintaining garage doors during winter. This consistent engagement with the audience can establish you as a trusted entity in the minds of potential customers. Another great tip is showcasing happy customer testimonials who added insulation and how it helped them.

5. Local Sponsorships

Securing local sponsorships is a powerful garage door marketing tip. Through the sponsorship of local events or charities, you can get your business’s name in front of potential customers, while also reciprocating support for the community. Here are some sponsorship ideas:

  • Baseball/Softball teams -sponsor their jerseys
  • Advertise on the fence of the local high school football team
  • Booster clubs- High school or University
  • Your local Y.M.C.A
  • Events: Local events, including festivals, races, and concerts

6. Emergency Services with Convenient Booking

Winter often brings various garage door emergencies. Set your brand apart by offering a 24/7 online booking option to your website, this shows your business’s readiness to accommodate last minute jobs and allows customers to schedule appointments conveniently. Workiz has an easy to embed online booking system that you can add directly to your website and even track its data all in one place.

7. Partnering with Local Businesses

Lastly, partnering with local businesses is a strategy that has proven to be effective in stimulating mutual growth. Your garage door business can partner with a local home insulation company, for instance, encouraging customers to insulate their home and garage simultaneously through enticing discounts. This can also be extended to a local hardware store, offering package deals or discounts on winter supplies with a scheduled garage door service.

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Implementing these garage door marketing strategies can result in a significant increase of business throughout the winter season. These strategies have the power to transform the traditionally low winter season into a flourishing one.

To round it up, it’s vital to remember that every successful garage door marketing plan is backed by effective business management and organization. Workiz offers an all-in-one platform ensuring your garage door business runs smoothly all year round, handling everything from service scheduling to invoicing. So why wait? Give your garage door business an opportunity to thrive, no matter what the season, with Workiz.