The challenges:

Before implementing Workiz, Best Pro Services struggled with staying organized and keeping track of their jobs and leads coming in. The first challenge was working with Google calendar, which made scheduling and dispatching jobs difficult to communicate to technicians and customers. The second challenge was having too many separate softwares and apps to manage one job, this led to a major disorganization with sending out estimates and invoices. The third challenge was not fully understanding their reports and not having full visibility on their business.

The solution:

This is when Best Pro Services turned to Workiz to address their challenges. When searching for a solution, Best Pro Services were looking for a platform that was easy to use, had a professional and intuitive interface, and a good price point. They decided to go with Workiz because it met all of their requirements and more.

With Workiz, Best Pro Services was able to get the reports they needed, as well as provide full visibility on their business. This enabled them to make better informed decisions and give them the tools they needed to start growing their business.

The results:

After implementing Workiz with a fast and simple onboarding process, Best Pro Services quickly experienced the benefits of our platform and the great support provided by our dedicated Customer Success team. Best Pro Services were able to finally have everything they needed all in one platform.

As a fast growing business, they were able to make better business decisions with the robust reports and analytics feature which gave them full visibility of their advertising revenue and control.

When new jobs came into their Workiz inbox, they were able to schedule and dispatch easily with the ability to send the right technician according to their metro area. Best Pro Services works a lot with sub- contractors and Workiz gave them a consolidated place to calculate commissions and project management together. Overall, the greatest result was giving them a one stop shop to keep their business completely organized so they could focus on growing their business.

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Best Pro Services’ success is due to their mission to provide the best customer service and top quality product. By providing easy-to-use, affordable software with personalized customer support, Workiz helped them achieve their business goals by providing all the features and tools they needed to scale and grow their business efficiently.