We at Workiz know that it’s a long, intense training process and apprenticeship to become an electrician.

Once you get out into the real world, it can mean working with difficult customers that can try even the best and brightest in the field. So… If you love electrician humor, or you’re looking to unwind after a stressful day at work, then you’ve come to the right place!

Check out over 50 of the best electrician jokes, gifs and memes found online. Because, in our opinion, laughter is always the best medicine…

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1. When an electrician goes to a museum

An all-time favorite!

We’ve all got a favorite electrician joke, electrician meme, or electrician gif, and this is ours.

meme 1

2. An oldie but a goodie

Obligatory “What my friends think I do” electrician meme. This isn’t one of the funny electrician jokes – it’s just a nod to history, friends.

meme 3

3. Just call it a day

Some days it’s better just not to show up.

Definitely one of the funny electrician jokes we’ve seen.


4. Please not the screw box

Electrician memes don’t get much more real than this.

meme 4

5. It really is like that, though…


meme 5

6. Better than your apprentice

“Hooman, you know nothing of these electrical standards. That wiring isn’t safe.”

meme 6

7. Still Better than your apprentice

Ha. Ha. Ha.

This isn’t just an electrician joke – it’s actually reality.

meme 7

8. My work here is done.

Oy. Vey.

This would be the best electrician joke if it wasn’t sad.

meme image

9. Yes, it’s true…

*Takes a noble bow.*

meme image

10. Wait…wut?

*Cringes on the inside*

meme image

11. Please. Stop.

How many times have electricians heard this one? 100? 1000? Please. Just. Stop.

meme image

12. Cold

But accurate…

meme image

13. 1st prize in the state fair

For failure.

meme image

14. Strong facts

This isn’t an electrician meme – just a simple fact.

meme image

15. When you’ve seen some things

Being an electrician is no joke (minus the electrician jokes.) Sometimes, it’s the hard knocks.

meme image

16. Pfft….I don’t need an electrician

Said every customer ever.

meme image

17. Definitely up to code


Electrical safety is not a joke, children.

meme image

18. To be continued

1 -Electrician

1 -Plumber

meme image

19. When you throw an electrician out of a bar

He shuts down the power for the night…

(Lesson learned: Don’t upset an electrician, or you’ll end up as a case study in electrician humor online…)

meme image

20. True dat

Just a tad dramatic…

Nevertheless, it makes the cut for best electronic memes.

meme image

21. Busted

Obviously created by a layman…

meme image

22. I’m shocked

When the electrician joke is just en pointe.

meme image

23. Plumbers vs. electricians

The saga continues.

meme image

24. Who ya gonna call?


meme image

25. Reality

Electrician joke or just another day at work?

meme image

26. The irony

Lovin’ it.

meme image

27. Ruh’ roh.

Where are the parents, I ask you?

meme image

28. So this happened

Do you really need to be this specific? Unfortunately, yes.

meme image

29. Bad idea


meme image

30. Harsh

But altogether, fair…

meme image

31. Every. Single. Time.

This electrician joke hits a little too close to home.

Why does it gotta’ be like this?

meme image

32. Experience required

You’ve got big shoes to fill.

meme image

33. Electric shock

I’ll take one order of electric shock with my morning cup of coffee, please.

meme image

34. Looks legit

Looks completely legit. Just don’t hurt the animal, if you may.

meme image

35. Yikes

What’s the deuce?

meme image

36. Still true

Another oldie but a goodie. (If you don’t know this electrician meme, are you really an electrician, though?)

meme image

37. Still true

Also known as ‘how to tell an apprentice from a journeyman.’ (This is not just a running electrician joke, this is a fact.)

meme image

38. Decisions, decisions

Oh my…

meme image

39. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The best electrician memes come with a side of cheese.

meme image

40. Prayers answered


meme image

41. No. No. No. No.

I didn’t sign up for this.

meme image

42. Ah, Bliss.

So zen.

meme image

43. I LOLed.

This is a good electrician joke, no?

meme image

44. The electrician

Sometimes, it really does have to be that way….

This electrician meme breaks the internet.

meme image

45. Sing it, baby.

*Bobs head in tune.*

meme image

46. Sometimes it just gotta be like that

Sometimes, life is about knowing when to admit defeat.

meme image

47. What?

Please say that this is just a great electrician meme and this did not actually happen.

meme image

48. Murica.

G-d bless America.

meme image

49. Don’t try this at home kids

I don’t care what the electrician gif, electrician meme, or electrician joke told you. This is not up to code, children.

meme image

50. Brilliant.

Plumber’s payback?

meme image

51. Can’t we all just get along?

The saga continues.

meme image

52. I’m frightened, Jim.

So, so scared.

meme image

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