You may never open your apps because they are hard to read, have outdated information, or have bugs that make them crash when you need info in an emergency.

We’ve created a massive list of the top 70 electrician apps that will help electricians and electrical engineers work smarter, not harder.

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70 of the best apps for electricians

  1. Arc Flash Calculator Labeling:

    Arc Flash Calculator calculates the incident energy and arc flash boundary according to IEEE 1584-2002, “Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations.” Android

  2. Buildertrend:

    A construction project management software that reduces delays, eliminates communication errors, and increases customer satisfaction.  Android | IOS

  3. Bussman Fuse Finder & Fault Current Calculator:

    Tools for electricians and electrical inspectors to calculate available fault current on single- and three-phase systems and branch circuits.  Android | IOS

  4. C22.1-15 Canadian Electrical Code Interactive Standard (star):

    Download the eBook format of the CSA standards and codes on your mobile phone. Android | IOS

  5. Cable Calculator:

    This app calculates cable diameters quickly for the day-to-day work of installers and planners. Android | IOS

  6. Conduit Runner Pro:

    Business software that calculates length bends and fills. Android

  7. Connecteam

    Manage your business and employees while on the go. From a GPS-empowered time clock to scheduling & dispatching when assigning jobs (built-in calendar, drag & drop, templates, etc.) digital access to safety material, send and receive reports from the field, communicate effortlessly with private or group chat, surveys, live polls, and send company updates. Android | IOS

  8. Contractor Calendar:

    Handle on-the-go calculations like square footage, measurement conversions, and fraction math to trade specific calculations like amps to watts. IOS

  9. Contractor Success Systems:

    Price any job on-site and quickly close the sale with 4,000 tasks preprogrammed, 6,500+ materials with prices, and suggested markups. Android

  10. Dual Level Pro:

    Measure surfaces, vertical angles of a wall, and more. IOS

  11. Box Fill Calculator:

    This app allows you to manage multiple jobs and create a schedule of box fill calculations for any size job. Android

  12. Electrical Calc Canada:

    E-Calc calculates simple formulas but returns code results, including wire sizing, conduit sizing, fusing, overload size, based on the Canadian Electric Code. Android | IOS

  13. Electrical Calc Elite:

    Solve code-related problems like wire sizes, the voltage drop on wires, and fuse and breaker sizes. Android | IOS

  14. Electrical Calculations Lite:

    Calculate earthing system, operating current, apparent power, voltage, reactive power resistors, and more. IOS

  15. Electrical Calculator:

    This app is for electrical engineering graduates and students and calculates voltage, current, power, efficiency, and watts to horsepower. Android

  16. Electrical Calc USA:

    Calculate simple formulas based on the USA National Electrical Code. IOS

  17. Electrical Code-A-Day:

    Keep your skills fresh or study for an exam with this quiz app that features questions written by a real electrician. IOS

  18. Electrical Conduit Bender Free:

    Select values for offsets and be presented with figures to make the professional installation. Android

  19. Electrical Engineering:

    This app has 3 important tools: an electrical calculator, an electrical circuit calculator, and electrical formulas. Android

  20. Electrical Formulator:

    Solve any electrical design problem with hundreds of conversion and calculation formulas. IOS

  21. Electrical Motor Helper:

    Features electric motor rewinding wiring diagrams complete with descriptions, motor symbols, and electrical motor calculations. Android

  22. Electrical Pro:

    Whether you’re an electrical contractor, electrician, or lighting specialist, this app will help you solve tough calculations in seconds and deliver those solutions in conformance with the latest NEC. IOS

  23. Electrical Toolkit:

    This easy-to-use circuit calculator is smart enough to recalculate circuit values when the user edits any input data. IOS

  24. Electrical Tools and Reference:

    This versatile electrical app includes tools, calculators, reference charts, tables, and guides. Android | IOS

  25. Electrical Wiring Lite:

    Calculations are performed per NEC standards and codes. IOS

  26. Electrical Wiring Pro:

    An app with over 40 electrical calculators and tools.  IOS

  27. Electrical Wizard:

    Learn electrical components and symbols with this game app! Study with a multiple choice game for beginners and pros. Android

  28. Electrician Calculator Pro:

    Perform voltage, motor full load current calculations, and more. Android | IOS

  29. Electrician Course:

    A mobile course on basic wiring and electrical safety. Android Android 

  30. Electrician’s Bible Lite:

    A must-have app for electricians, electrical contractors, or those looking to pass an electrical certification test. Android

  31. Electrician’s Helper:

    Electrician’s Helper provides useful calculators for electricians working with power distribution. Android

  32. Electrodroid:

    ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronic tools and references. Android | IOS

  33. Energy Cost Calculator:

    This app calculates the operating cost and energy usage of electric equipment or machinery. Android | IOS

  34. Engineering Calc:

    This app is for engineers and students who need a reference tool for electrical and RF engineering. IOS

  35. Etap2:

    Etap2 is a complete analysis platform for the simulation, operation, monitoring, control, and automation of power systems.  Android

  36. eTools Lite:

    This handy little app features a voltage divider, frequency convertor, resistor for LEDs, and capacitor codes. IOS

  37. Every Circuit:

    Build any circuit, tap the play button, and watch dynamic voltage, current, and charge animations.  Android | IOS

  38. Feet Inch Calculator Free:

    The #1 feet and inch calculator for conversions, chords/arcs, stair stringers, and board feet. Android

  39. Fieldwire:

    Fieldwire connects your entire field team to one construction management platform. Android | IOS

  40. Home Depot Pro:

    The Home Depot Pro app makes sure you can quickly and easily order what you need to keep your business moving. Android | IOS

  41. iBend App:

    A conduit bending app that calculates bends using English or metric measurements, so you don’t have to offset bends. IOS

  42. iBend Pipe:

    If you’re an electrician who needs to make fast and accurate conduit bends, this is the app you have been waiting for. Android | IOS

  43. iCertify for the iPad:

    iCertify produces high-quality BS 7671 electrical certificates with individual serial numbers and validates test results. IOS

  44. iCircuit:

    iCircuit is the premier iPad and iPhone app for designing and experimenting with circuits and Arduinos and features an advanced simulation engine. IOS

  45. iMargin:

    Compute and fine-tune your profit margins in just seconds. IOS

  46. JobFlex:

    JobFlex gives business owners the tools they need to create invoices and estimates for clients within minutes. Android

  47. kVA Calculator:

    This electricity calculator calculates the most important sizes, including watts to kWh and VA to amps. Android | IOS

  48. Lowes Pro App:

    You can search and shop for thousands of products like hand tools, power tools, and outdoor power equipment on the go. Android | IOS

  49. Master Bender Gold:

    Master Bender Gold is a conduit bending calculator for electricians on iPhones and iPad. IOS

  50. Master Electrician Reference:

    MER is an electrician reference guide for residential, industrial, and commercial work. Android | IOS

  51. Max Zs Values:

    Look up the maximum permitted Zs values (earth loop impedance) as per BS 7671 2018 18th edition. Android | IOS

  52. Mobile Electrician:

    This app has tools to calculate AC circuits, IP code, and more. Android | IOS

  53. My Bender:

    My Bender calculates conduit bending and their features, such as gain on a 90-degree band. IOS

  54. NEC Code Test:

    The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a standard adopted in the United States of America for the safe installation of electrical wiring and components. Android

  55. Ohm’s Law:

    Calculate voltage, current, resistance, and power by entering only 2 known values in nanoseconds. Android

  56. Plan Grid:

    Instantly share real-time construction plans, punch lists, blueprints, Jobsite photos, and construction reports with the entire team. Android | IOS

  57. Quickbooks Accounting:

    Track miles, create invoices, manage your expenses and cash flow, and view your profit and loss. Android | IOS

  58. Short Circuit Analytic:

    This software performs available short circuit fault current calculations in three-phase electric power systems. Android |

  59. Short Circuit Fault Current:

    This performs available short circuit fault current calculations in the three-phase radial power system you are working with. Android

  60. Southwire Conduit Fill Calculator:

    As an electrician or electrical engineer, do you ever find yourself asking what size conduit to use? This app can tell you the right size for the job based on the latest NEC. Android |

  61. Southwire Partial Reel Calc:

    Another major time-saver, this app estimates the footage of wire or cable that’s left on a reel. Android | IOS

  62. Southwire Voltage Drop Calculator:

    Determine the proper wire size for an electrical circuit based on the voltage drop and current carrying capacity of an electrical circuit. Android | IOS

  63. Sparkyapp:

    A Swiss army knife of electrician tools, this one helps you quote, order products, and invoice jobs quickly and accurately. Android

  64. Sun Seeker 3D Augmented Reality Viewer:

    Sun Seeker is a complete solar tracking and compass app that shows the sun’s hourly direction intervals, its equinox, winter and summer solstice paths, and more. Android | IOS

  65. Tapatalk:

    Post easily in over 200,000 online forums worldwide with unlimited photo and video sharing; connect with peers on the electrician talk forum! Android | IOS

  66. Uglys 2017:

    The only electrical reference app to include an ebook of the 2017 edition of Ugly’s Electrical References and has videos and 12+ calculators. Android | IOS

  67. Voltage Drop Calculator:

    Quickly calculate and share the voltage drop for a selected conductor size and type based on the 2014 NEC. Android | IOS

  68. Wire Gauge Charts:

    An easy-to-use set of charts giving diameter, area, resistance, and weight values of various wire gauge types. IOS

  69. Wire Size:

    Avoid dangerous wiring miscalculations with this simple wire gauge selector for 120V-480V circuits. Android

  70. Workiz Electrician App:

    Schedule work with ease, dispatch jobs to your team, invoice customers and receive payments in the field, track your technicians at a job site and send customized customer notifications. Android | IOS

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    The leading field service platform for teams. Schedule jobs, dispatch, invoice, track performance, and get paid — all in one platform.