Demand for carpet cleaning services is actually increasing due to COVID-19. In fact, because the need to maintain a germ-free environment is so urgent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even included carpet cleaning guidelines in its general recommendations.

With so much business potential, now is the time to grow your customer base.

Below are 3 approaches to help you succeed:

  • Marketing Your Business Effectively
  • Improving Your Organization and Management
  • Connecting with Your Customer Base

Marketing Your Business Effectively

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

If you want to know how to get more carpet cleaning customers, you need to first know why customers would hire you. What makes your company special? What’s your unique selling point (USP)? Your unique selling point (or proposition) is what makes your business different or better than other comparable ones.

For example, Carpet Company A is a family-owned business operating in the region since 1945. Their extensive experience and family-oriented mentality is their USP.

When marketing via social media or on their website, they will surely capitalize on their longevity in the industry using a headline like “A Familiar Face in the Carpet Cleaning Industry since 1945.” Imagine you are a potential customer. Don’t you trust this company knowing they have a lot of experience and will be able to guide you correctly?

Carpet Company B loves technology. They pride themselves on having the most updated cleaning machines and tools to complete the job quickly. “The fastest drying carpets in Seattle, Washington!” For commercial businesses with constant foot traffic, speed is a priority. They will likely call Carpet Company B over Carpet Company A.

Carpet Company C specializes in green cleaning. They only use eco-friendly cleaners and limit themselves to residential jobs. “Maintaining a healthy environment and a healthy home.” For young or eco-conscious families, this USP is a plus. They have small children playing on plush carpets and are in search of a health-driven company that makes them feel safe.

So what’s your unique selling point?

When you know who you are as a company, you will better understand how to get more carpet cleaning customers. Those customers are your target audience.

Of course, your company may target a few different types of customers. The point is to know who you’re targeting so you can design the right marketing strategy.

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Your Website

Your website is your modern-day business card, billboard, and print ad, all wrapped up into one unified presentation. Do you want to know how to get more carpet cleaning customers? Make your website great.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your website:

Focus on how you can help your customers

Tell your audience how you will make their carpets as clean and soft as the day they were installed. Describe your process and your tools, as well as the chemicals you use. Also, note the types of carpets you work with.

Address customers’ pain points

  1. For example, everyone wants DIY tips for small fixes. Write a blog post on how to remove stains like urine, blood, and wine from a white carpet.
  2. If poor customer service is typical of companies in your area, let your customers know how you will make their experience a positive one. Highlight your own positive customer reviews in doing so.

Make it easy for customers to contact you

  1. After each section of your website, be sure to include a call to action button (CTA) like Request a Quote, Make an Appointment,  or Contact Us.
  2. Integrate Online Booking into your website to convert more customers, and install a Service Chatbot to maintain communication with customers even when you’re not in the office.

Provide value

  1. A webpage with frequently asked questions will not only save you time in responding to phone calls, but it will also allow your customers to learn more about your service (i.e., What’s the difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning? Is steam cleaning the best way to clean a carpet?).
  2. Show them they can trust you during these precarious times. Share your safety protocols and COVID-19-related guidelines. You can add a pop-up to your site similar to the following:

Dear Valued Customer,

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like you to be aware of the precautions our company has implemented to help keep both you and our technicians healthy and safe.

        1. Technicians will sanitize hands prior to entering your home and will wear gloves during the visit.
        2. Technicians will wear a mask while in your home.
        3. All cleaning tools and supplies will be sanitized before being brought into your home.
        4. Technicians will maintain a safe distance from you and your family members.
        5. If either you or a technician is not feeling well, the appointment will be rescheduled.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to be in touch with us.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Make sure your website can be found on Google My Business, a free tool that manages your field service business’s listing across apps like Search and Maps.
  2. If you want your customers to find you via organic Google search, consult with an SEO expert or learn how you can incorporate keywords throughout your website.
  3. If you have a local carpet cleaning business, be sure to incorporate your specific region into your title tag. Your title tag is the clickable headline that shows up on a Google search engine results page.

Testimonials and case studies

  1. Nowadays, social proof is one of your most important marketing assets. Your potential customers want to know that others just like them have successfully used your carpet cleaning services. With so much competition online, it’s imperative to post relevant reviews about your service.
  2. A case study or customer success story takes the testimonial a step further. It conveys a real story and offers potential customers more details about your service, your approach, and the final results from the perspective of a real customer.

Social media

Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become powerful advertising platforms for all types of businesses. There are various techniques to use these platforms effectively. To get started, set up a business account on one or two platforms. Make sure to optimize your page with photos, regular posts, and engaging content.

Your marketing outreach must be honest and authentic. If you claim to have great customer service, make sure your business lives up to that promise!!

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Organization and Management

How to get more carpet cleaning customers with Field Service Management Software

Smartphones and tablets have altered the way home service businesses operate. Where once a small back office (if your business could afford it) handled the scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payments, and accounting, now carpet cleaning business software can help you manage  these tasks with even more precision and efficiency, saving you time and money so you can focus on growing your business.

If you’re determined to know how to get more carpet cleaning customers, you must also understand how digital organization and management tools can help. In fact, businesses that use carpet cleaning software experienced a 22% increase in revenue.

Standard Carpet Cleaning Software includes:

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Invoicing and online payments
  • Automated customer alerts, updates, and reminders
  • Online and chatbot booking
  • Employee tracking
  • In-app service phone system
  • Route planning
  • Back office accounting and systems integration

Not only does home service management software streamline your business processes, but it also positions your business as more professional and reliable.

Carpet cleaning customers who appreciate your convenient online booking option, the confirmation and reminder notifications, the easy online invoice payment, and of course, your friendly customer service will happily recommend your company to others. Most satisfied customers will even gladly write a review or a testimonial for you—a gold mine for obtaining new customers.

Your happy customers are your most powerful asset.

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Connect with your customer base

How to get more carpet cleaning customers back for another appointment

Learning how to get more carpet cleaning customers may sound daunting. However, if you focus on your current customers in addition to your potential leads, you’ll undoubtedly see growth.

You can use the following suggestions to upsell your customer base:

  1. Send out winter and spring cleaning reminders. A simple customer reminder can be an incredibly effective way to gain more business.
  2. Offer special promotions during the off-season. Sales are always enticing. Offer your customers different packages and options to persuade them to hire you even when they didn’t plan to.
  3. Email a monthly newsletter. Your newsletter is another reminder that your cleaning company is out there doing business. While the newsletter doesn’t have to be lengthy, it should offer valuable information and tips.
  4. How about a phone call? It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s an easy way to connect directly with your customers. Check-in with existing customers to see if they need your carpet cleaning services (especially if you haven’t seen them in a few years). They may hire you again and recommend your business to their friends.

With carpet cleaning management software, many of the above tasks can be easily automated to become a regular part of your business operations.

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Understanding how to get more carpet cleaning customers will empower you to reach your business goals. An intentional and well-planned marketing strategy combined with the assets of carpet cleaning management software will help you attract more customers and increase your revenue.

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