And not only that, but it’s become increasingly tough to find great talent here in the United States and Canada. The unemployment rates are still above average, and it’s definitely not the easiest time to find folks with a great work ethic. 

So what can you do? It’s time to focus on the right strategy behind your recruiting efforts and become proactive in your hiring. To get a genuinely expert opinion and help with recruiting, you can utilize workforce solutions companies like JustPressOne to help you put the right people in the right seats.

Join Workiz and our partners at JustPressOne as we chat about finding top talent, expanding your home service business, and running your back office on autopilot! 

We held a quick 20-minute webinar for our home service pros to learn which key areas to focus on when hiring and recruiting back office support. Watch the video or listen on your next drive to a job!

Expand your business seamlessly.

Many business owners want to grow and scale their business while expanding seamlessly (without crucial tasks falling between the cracks). We’ve all hired the wrong person at one time or another- it’s a common mistake when attempting to grow a small business. 

Here at Workiz, we know that customer experience is KEY. That’s why, as you discover who you like to work with and what types of people you need on staff, we urge you to put a strong emphasis on training as part of the onboarding process. Ask yourself if who you’re hiring for your back office is going to be the best fit to serve your customers:

  • Are they independent, self-motivated, friendly, and hard-working? 
  • Are they committed to the job and customers? 
  • Do they have previous relevant experience? 

These are key points to take into consideration when making hiring decisions in your growing biz!

Run your back office on autopilot.

Losing a good team member is painful in several ways. However, you cannot afford to lose jobs because of the absence of one or more team members, especially if you’re in an industry that provides 24/7 support for issues like flooding, broken pipes, or crucial appliance needs. If someone gets sick on your team, wants to take a vacation, or leaves for another job (all of which happen all the time) – it’s crucial to have a backup plan. 

From call forwarding and call flows to additional back-office support, Workiz and JustPressOne got you covered. We’re here to tell you that it’s possible to add an extension of your office remotely to your team while still keeping costs low! 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), workflows, and automated activities can help you run your back office on autopilot, which means with no staff to take care of tasks during work hours. Plus, JustPressOne’s service will store your professional knowledge into a robust field service management system, so you can start to train others on helping you run your business while keeping more focus on management and growth!