Are you late for appointments? Do you forget to send updates & important information to your clients? It’s time to lay the foundations of your business operations and get a solid system in place! Stop letting things fall between the cracks. Trust is key, and dependability is everything.

In this 30-minute webinar, Workiz chats with Laser Appliance Repair owner and Solid Steps to Wealth channel founder Rochelle Ward about Customer Service 101.

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Reasons you’re losing your customers

1. Your customer service stinks

 Let’s get back to the basics! Simply informing customers of ETAs or letting them know if you’re running late can make a huge difference in the customer experience. Workiz appliance repair software helps service pros achieve customer success and satisfaction by offering tools to stay in constant communication with customers. Hit traffic? No problem, with one click on the Workiz app, let your customer know that you’re running a bit behind. This ensures you are consistent and transparent in your approach to customer communication.

2. You haven’t laid a solid foundation for your business

Building your business is like building your house. If you don’t lay a solid foundation—the whole house falls apart! By having a solid system for your business, you can stay organized and focus on serving your customers. Great presentation of yourself and your business is key to your reputation. You can’t maintain a good reputation if you are disorganized, frazzled, and scatterbrained. All the back-end nitty-gritty business operations pieces like payroll, accounting, invoicing, and payment collection are easier with Workiz!

3. You’ve failed to build the know-like trust factor with your customers

It’s so important that your customers not only know you and like you but also that they trust you. You can achieve this by making them comfortable in their homes and respectful at all times. Give customers options and be open and transparent when addressing questions about pricing. Staying professional is the key to getting positive reviews! Streamlined processes, including Call Masking and Call Flows, can help you up your customer service game and gain more raving fans.

Now is the time to grow your business. Stop losing your customers and start growing and scaling your company by incorporating these tips!

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