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AI & automation

With chatbots and the more recent surge of Chat GPT and automation, it’s now coming to help field service businesses in order to improve their daily operations and save time and money. In a recent study done by NewVantage, they found that 92% of large companies have seen a significant increase in improvement with the business in the first year of implementing data tools and AI. When it comes to streamlining and creating a more efficient business, the number one trend that can save you 20 hours a week is automating time-consuming tasks like sending a text message reminding customers about an upcoming job, sending invoices immediately after a job is done and so much more.

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Having field service software that has AI and automation will become the new standard for field service excellence in 2024. Be on the lookout for enhanced capabilities like auto-complete messages, automated customer contracts, and intelligent communication systems.

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Employee experience is key

As we all know, it’s hard to retain good employees, and that issue will still be a struggle in 2024 unless we understand the future job market and what the top performers need to compete.


According to Forbes, “When it comes to [service-based] company-specific training, pair new employees with a designated mentor (i.e., someone who has worked at the company for a while). This can help ensure new hires are eased into the process and guided every step of the way.”

Hybrid workforce

Work-life balance post-COVID-19 is a trend that is stuck and isn’t going anywhere according to Contractormag. Although the field service industry is usually an on-demand job, we are all human, and if you want to keep the top performers happy you will need to be a bit more flexible with allowing some vacation days, half days, and creative incentives to allow for a more enjoyable work environment.


Giving your employees one software where they can communicate with clients, and team members, update jobs, etc. is going to be crucial. Access to information will help the business run more efficiently and give your employees the confidence to provide the best customer service with the best practices in the industry.

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Self service tools

Customer satisfaction is the essence of being successful in the field and home service industry. Having self-service tools not only saves you and your customers time but it’s also more convenient to well… everyone. According to Zendesk “69% of customers say they want to resolve as many issues as possible on their own.” Here are some tips for self-service tools you can offer your clients:

Online booking

Give your customers the convenience of booking your services online directly from your website and Google Local Services. If it’s connected to your field service software, then you can automatically convert it to a job in the schedule and instantly notify a tech of an upcoming job.

Client Portal

Let your customer find all the information they need for any upcoming job or any past jobs. This is a great hub to approve, sign, and pay estimates and invoices, update contact and payment details, and book new services with your company!


Save yourself the constant headaches with calls for questions that can be easily found on your website! Gather some frequently asked questions that your customers call you about and put them on the homepage of your website. It’s that simple and will save you tons of time.


There you have it, these are our top 3 tips for 2024! The field and home service industry is constantly changing and to stay ahead of the competition it’s important to innovate, improve, and focus on building a business that is long lasting, successful and you never know, maybe even one day be worth enough to sell for millions.