At Workiz, we analyzed over 10,000 businesses to understand how a name can impact success. Here are some intriguing insights we uncovered.

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The magic number: optimal word count

Our analysis revealed that a majority of businesses in our dataset have a name consisting of three words, followed closely by four-word and two-word names. However, as the word count increases past three, the percentage of businesses with longer names drops significantly. This data implies that businesses prefer shorter, snappier names that are easy to remember and make an impact on marketing materials like truck wraps and business cards.

“A catchy unique name can also help customers remember you, and we all strive to be memorable and retain customers. The shorter and easier it is to spell the better.”

Margot Bushnaq, Founder and CEO of BrandBucket

Power of industry keywords: the “Junk” effect

Our study also showed the potential influence of industry-specific keywords in a business name. The word “junk” appeared in a significant percentage of higher-performing businesses, correlating with higher average monthly job revenue compared to businesses without this keyword. This suggests customers prefer businesses whose names clearly communicate their services, leading to better online visibility and recognition on physical materials like truck wraps.

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Make a statement: the importance of name prefixes

The first word of your business name, or the prefix, can make a powerful first impression. We found that businesses with the prefix “junk” have the highest average monthly job revenue. This could be because a name starting with “junk” immediately indicates the nature of your business, making it a key factor for customers scanning through a list of service providers online or looking at a fleet of junk removal trucks.

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Your name matters

Your business name is more than just a label – it’s a strategic tool that appears everywhere from your website to your truck wrap. It can significantly impact your visibility, customer recall, and ultimately, your bottom line. Our analysis emphasizes the importance of a concise name, the use of industry-specific keywords like “junk,” and a strong, relevant prefix.

As you embark on your business naming journey, consider these insights and choose a name that aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience. Remember, the right name can set the stage for your brand, boost your revenue, and help you stand out in the competitive landscape of junk removal services.

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