Designing a plumbing website that generates lots of customers and revenue is slightly more tricky. This is why web designers get paid the big bucks! That being said, if splashing out on a professional tailor-made plumbing website is not high on your to-do list, don’t worry. Nowadays, there are plenty of tried and tested plumbing website templates that you can customize with your business’s information. 

So, if your comfort zone is more ‘water flow’ than ‘user flow,’ then this one’s for you!

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List of the top plumbing websites

Let’s start with some inspiration by taking a look at these good-lookin’ plumbing websites. If you see something you like, take note. You can replicate some of the best plumbing website features in your own design.

The awesome plumbing-themed background. So creative! Also, the bright color scheme and rounded font create a friendly and welcoming feel. 

We like that the company’s certifications are right at the top of the page, which gives me confidence that they are a reputable firm. Their extensive list of services immediately shows me if they offer what I need. 

The contact form is right at the top of the page, where website visitors can see it. This is a fantastic tactic to boost customer inquiries. Using a picture of a real staff member also helps to create a more personal feel, which ties in perfectly with the copy. 

The design is clean, bright, and modern. This mix of quality plumbing graphics and real-life photos creates a nice balance.

The bold color scheme matches the company logo. They have a variety of interesting pages in the navigation bar, including “Videos” and a handy “FAQ” section. The big red button allowing people to pay their invoices online is a great feature, too! 

How to choose a website platform/template for your plumbing website

The first step of building a plumbing website is choosing which platform you want to build it on. 

The most popular of the lot is WordPress, which powers roughly 40% of all websites online. It’s easy to see why it’s the top pick: it has powerful features, thousands of plugins, and endless creative possibilities. WordPress is also very cheap. If you choose to self-host, is completely free!

Wix, Squarespace, Duda, and Weebly are also some of the best platforms to build a plumbing website. These drag-and-drop website builders are really easy to get the hang of—even if you’re a complete novice. The plans are reasonably priced, too, with monthly plans available for under $20. 

Knowing how to choose the right template for your plumbing website involves understanding your business’s needs, and nobody does that better than you! 

An effective plumbing website template should include the following features or elements:

  • Responsive design, so it looks awesome on every device
  • User-friendly layout, so your customers can find information easily
  • Easy ways to get in touch, like a contact form, click-to-call buttons, and live chat
  • List of your plumbing services displayed clearly
  • The areas you serve so people instantly know if you can help
  • Testimonials to build credibility and trust
  • Photos and videos that show off your business, staff, and successful projects
  • Your logo and important business information, like accreditations and licensing
  • General text that communicates your business’s message. Why should the customer choose you?
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Three great plumbing website templates:

There are thousands of plumbing website templates available online, so you are spoilt for choice. To save you valuable time, we have hand-picked three fantastic options that contain everything you need for a plumbing website. 

Plumbing – Home Maintenance Agency WordPress Theme by YETITEAM

If you decide to use WordPress, this plumbing website template is worth checking out. The simple, clean design looks brilliant on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

It comes with all the pages you could want, including About, Services, Blog, and Contacts. Plus, you get two extra pages: Team and Appointment. 

At just $72 for as long as you need it, it’s reasonably priced, too. Check out the live demo.

PLUMBER Template by Duda

This is the only non-WordPress option on our list of top plumbing templates. If you build your website with Duda, you can access all of Duda’s themes for free, including this brilliant plumbing layout. 

Duda’s CMS (Content Management System, i.e., backend) is very user-friendly. Even as a total beginner, it’s easy to update your website yourself. 

Duda’s single website plan costs $19 billed monthly, or $168 billed annually. Preview the templates here.

ProHauz – Handyman & Plumber By BoldThemes 

This ProHauz plumbing website template is well-designed. The unique page transitions are a nice touch, and you even get a free customizable Cost Calculator plugin for online estimates. And if you’re having trouble with that feature, don’t forget that you can also create estimates easily via the Workiz app.

You can purchase this theme for $69. Extending support is possible for up to 12 months by paying an extra 21$. See it in action here.

Boost sales in your plumbing business with Workiz plumbing management software

A plumbing website is just one piece of the puzzle. If you really want to increase sales and grow your plumbing business, you can add the Workiz chatbot to your website. It lets customers book online, which 44% of people prefer compared to booking over the phone.  

The chatbot is just one of many game-changing features of Workiz. In fact, plumbers who use Workiz FSM software to manage their plumbing business (from job scheduling to getting paid) increase their revenue by 30%. 

Final thoughts

These top plumbing websites and templates should guide you to build an effective site for your plumbing business. If you really want to ramp up the sales, take the next step and use Workiz Field Service Management.