Get some search ideas before sending off another resume.

Before looking for your next locksmith employment opportunities, get to the bottom of why you want to leave your current position. Maybe you’re looking for a more organized job where you can get job details updated on a job scheduling app (instead of calling your boss every night for tomorrow’s schedule) or getting frantic calls from your dispatcher when you’re already at a job.

We’ll show you the best places to look for better employment and some hot tips to level up your search.

How should locksmiths search for jobs?

Every locksmith should be looking for jobs online and offline. Why? Because companies may list job openings on one job board, a few, or none at all. Smaller businesses may not have time to manage multiple listings or buy sponsored posts. To find locksmith hiring ads near you, you’ll need to connect in person as well as online.

1. Online job boards 


Indeed should be your go-to source for locksmith employment opportunities because it’s the #1 ranked job board among employers. To give your application the best chance of getting read, optimize your resume for specific keywords. Did you know that only 25% of applications pass the initial applicant tracking system screening? The rest don’t match the keywords recruiters are looking for. Do yourself a favor and learn the must-have keywords for your locksmith resume before sending it off.


Applying early to a locksmith hiring ad can help you land a position sooner. Sending an ATS-friendly resume and cover letter that shows you’ve done your research can make employers stop in their tracks when they get to it. How can you do this? Use Glassdoor’s alert feature, which sends jobs posted within the last 24 hours to your email or mobile phone.

2. Government Jobs

Here are a few reasons why locksmiths should work for the government: job security, good salaries and a chance to help the public. Federal companies can’t afford to take any chances with public safety. They’re more likely to use a real-time inventory tracking tool to plan ahead for an emergency lockdown. Where they’re alerted of low stock levels (and can reorder security systems quickly) to update campuses before a threat hits.

You can find federal locksmith employment opportunities on

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a social media network for professionals and also a killer job board. To get notified of locksmiths hiring ads near you, invest plenty of time into building your profile. First, optimize it so recruiters can find your profile with the right keywords. Next, start growing your network. Add locksmith business owners, co-workers, past colleagues, and anyone who makes hiring decisions. Invest a little time each day searching Linkedin’s job board and engaging with your connections to let them know you’re available for work. Lastly, follow companies you want to work for and use the advanced search feature to see if anyone in your network can introduce you to someone at the business.

4. Staffing agencies

Working full-time and don’t have room to look for a job? Staffing agencies can handle the planning, research, and job placement for you. They learn your work history and skills and contact you if they find a job match. To find locksmith employment opportunities with an agency, ask if they cater to the locksmith industry.

5. Trade associations

Trade associations like the Associated Locksmiths of America have thousands of members. In a network this big, you’ll have no problem connecting with other locksmiths and finding good job leads. ALOA offers locksmith certifications to its members, has a job center with hundreds of job listings, and places you in their “Find a Locksmith” directory.

5. Pick up the phone and Ask

Locksmiths are always busy. Sometimes the boss or manager doesn’t have time to post an ad; maybe they just lost a $500 job because a tech never confirmed they were waiting on a part, and they have no software that sends job status updates to the office. While managers are busy going back and forth with techs, posting a locksmith hiring ad goes on the back burner.

Make a list of local businesses and their phone numbers. Call in and ask if they’re expanding their team. If they say yes, walk in with your resume and introduce yourself.

Discover endless locksmith jobs

Spotted a new way you haven’t searched for locksmith employment opportunities? Come back and thank us after you’ve landed your next job!

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