Based on Locksmith Ledger’s recent article, One Story of Many, we at Workiz looked into the impact that coronavirus has had on the locksmith industry. Data of thousands of Workiz locksmith clients across the United States and Canada was analyzed, and some encouraging trends were discovered. Though the initial impact of coronavirus on locksmiths was harsh, things have quickly turned around.

The chart below, taken from Workiz aggregated data, shows that at the beginning of 2020, locksmith jobs were being scheduled as usual in the first two months of the year. Using February as a base point, Workiz data showed that work started to slow down for locksmiths on March 14th, the day after President Trump declared a US national emergency. The slowest week was that of March 30th.

On average, locksmith businesses had only 58% of the weekly jobs they had a month prior. However, starting mid-April, jobs started to show a steady growth increase. In June, the scale tipped, and there were even more jobs booked than at the beginning of the year.

graph showing locksmith jobs during COVID-19

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“COVID-19 has been a threat to the world on an economic level, and many industries took a large hit, including locksmiths,” observed Workiz CEO Adi “Didi” Azaria. “However, locksmiths were quick to adapt to these changing times. They proved to be essential workers in the economy and found ways to not only recover but also increase growth”.

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