This means that emergency locksmiths who arrive to repair damaged locks or install new security systems inside houses are needed more than ever! However, if you want to keep people safe, you’ll first need a locksmith license. The process of obtaining a locksmith license is slightly different in Nevada than in other states, so we’ll guide you through the steps of submitting an application.

How Do You Get a Locksmith License in Nevada?

1. Ensure you meet the requirements for a locksmith license.

As determined by the Nevada Legislature, to obtain a locksmith license, each applicant must submit an application to their local county’s sheriff’s office for approval.

Depending on your county and whether you are an employee or business owner, the requirements for obtaining a license will vary. Therefore, we will outline the general documentation you should have prepared.

General requirements:

  • Age: Applicants must be at least 18.
  • Federal identification: Provide some type of identification like your Social Security number, state ID, passport, or a valid driver’s license.
  • Business insurance: Most counties will ask you to possess general liability insurance, ranging from coverage of $250,000 to $1 million for your business.
  • Criminal background: You may be asked to complete an FBI background check and possibly get fingerprinted.
  • Child support payment: If this applies to you, you must prove that you are not behind on child support payments.

2. Pass a criminal background check.

The county sheriff may or may not require a criminal background check and/or fingerprinting. If they do, you can request an Identity History Summary Check from the FBI. You will be able to get fingerprinted either at your local police station or at a fingerprinting vendor for a fee.

What criminal history may get you disqualified?

  • A conviction of a crime related to locksmithing
  • Providing dishonest information on your application
  • Violent assaults in any state or jurisdiction
  • Being convicted of any serious felony

Criminal Records Folders

3. Complete educational requirements (optional).

There is no official exam that you need to take to get a locksmith license in Nevada.

But, if you are looking to get better at your craft because you feel that your knowledge is not up to par, it is highly recommended that you:

  • Attend an accredited locksmithing school
  • Take an online accredited course
  • Become an apprentice under a licensed locksmith

Where to study locksmithing in Nevada?

Mr. Locksmith Training

For hands-on training and online courses from master locksmiths in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Associated Locksmiths of America

For online locksmith training and certification.

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4. Pay application fee.

The price for a locksmith license application varies from county to county. We’ve seen fees as low as $5 and ranging to $255.

5. Submit your application.

Contact your county online, by email, phone, or via mail to see how you can access, complete, and submit your locksmith application.

If you need more information, below is the contact information for the Nevada Legislature:




Northern Nevada: 775-684-6800

Southern Nevada: 702-486-2626

Mailing Address

Legislative Building

401 S. Carson Street

Carson City, NV 89701-4747

By The Numbers The Total Cost Of Getting Your Locksmith License In Nevada

Get Licensed in Nevada and Get to Work

The sooner you get your locksmith license, the sooner you can help homeowners feel at ease when they are away, visiting their families, or taking a vacation. If you want to launch your career or start your own locksmith business in Nevada, get in contact with your county.

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