If you’re a junk removal business looking to bring in more leads, it’s important to have both an offline and online presence. While most people search for their junk removal services online, they still often make their final decision based on a combination of factors, including their: 

  • Awareness of the business
  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Ease and availability of booking

So here is how you do it

One way to connect your offline and online presence is by adding a booking QR code to your physical ads like a door hanger! This allows prospects to simply scan the code, check for availability, and book your service right away.

This not only boosts your visibility but also increases customer satisfaction by making it easy for them to book whenever they need your junk removal services.

How do you get a free QR code?

To create a booking QR code, we created the QR code generator below. All you have to do is input your booking link as the target URL and download the QR code. Make sure to test the code to ensure it is working properly on both mobile and desktop devices.

Create your QR code for free:

Download QR Code

Here are some external QR code generators:

  1. qrcode-monkey.com
  2. zebraqrcode.com
  3. qrcode-tiger.com


By making your physical ads more interactive you are making your business more available to your customers. This is especially important for junk removal businesses, which are local and physical by nature. So don’t neglect traditional, offline marketing methods – they can be a powerful tool for bringing in more leads and growing your business.

Now let’s get your business online in the easiest way possible!

Learn more about how Online Booking can help bring in more leads and increase your online presence!

The best software for Junk removal pros

A central platform is essential for junk removal professionals to effectively manage job scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and track their performance.