Parallel business opportunity

Unlike branching into an entirely different business line, dumpster rental complements your junk removal services. The resources – trucks, labor, recycling contacts – you are already using in your junk removal business can be leveraged for dumpster rental. Hence, the additional overhead costs are relatively low, and the learning curve is minimal.

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Meeting diverse customer needs

Every customer is unique, and their needs vary. While some prefer services where you do all the heavy lifting, others would rather rent a dumpster for their prolonged projects. By offering both, you are catering to a broader client base, leading to an increase in business and revenue.


A dumpster rental service can handle more customers within the same timeframe compared to junk removal alone. Since dumpsters can be delivered, left for the client to fill, and picked up afterwards, you can accommodate multiple clients in a day giving you another channel of revenue.

Repeat business opportunities

Renting a dumpster out could lead to repeat business. Think about customers who are working on long-term projects – contractors, construction companies, for example. They will need a regular junk disposal service, which means steady income for you. Give your clients an even easier way to book a dumpster rental with an online booking widget embedded directly into your website.

Pricing flexibility

By offering dumpster rental, you can create flexible and attractive pricing options. For instance, you can bundle junk removal and dumpster rental or offer discounted rates for long-term rent. This flexibility gives you a competitive edge and draws in more customers.

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Implementing dumpster rental into your business

Now, let’s dive into how you can incorporate this strategy into your business model.

Research your market:

First, familiarize yourself with the local demand for dumpster rentals. Look into your competitors offering this service and understand their pricing structure.

Seek necessary permissions

Ensure you have all necessary permissions from local authorities to operate a dumpster rental service. Permits vary from placement of the container on the street and by zip code or city. Here is a tool to help you figure out if you need a permit.

Track your dumpsters

Consider implementing a dumpster tracking system as part of your business management software.Workiz is the only Field Service Management platform that offers Dumpster Tracking, that will not only let you track your dumpsters but manage your entire business all in one place.

Investment in dumpsters:

Purchase high-quality dumpsters of varying sizes to cater to different needs. Primarily, there are four types of dumpster rentals:

  1. Front-load dumpsters: Used for regular waste disposal.
  2. Rear-load dumpsters: Similar to front-load dumpsters but are typically smaller.
  3. Roll-off dumpsters: Larger and typically used for major construction or demolition projects.
  4. Compactors: Specialized dumpsters that use hydraulic pressure to compress waste, enabling better disposal efficiency.

Market your new service

Lastly, don’t forget to promote your new offering. Utilize digital marketing, signage on your trucks, flyers, and more to spread the word! A great way to advertise your new offering is by partnering up with Search Kings, who specialize in advertising for field service companies. Easily track your ads with the Workiz ad tracking feature and get full detailed reports and analytics to make better business decisions.With the right strategy, adding dumpster rental to your services could significantly enhance your business footprint and your bottom-line – giving your clients a full service and maximizing your revenue potential simultaneously. Remember, the key to successfully expanding your business lies in providing quality service and the best way to manage your junk removal business is with Workiz, the all in one junk removal business management platform.