That’s why you gotta look at the funny side of things. We’ve scoured the internet for 50 of the “pee your pants” funniest ac memes, HVAC memes, and heating jokes.

Be prepared to change your Dickies….cuz it’s about to get funny.

1: It doesn’t get more real than that

Don’t you just feel things when you see this HVAC meme? Bc, I do. Oh, wait, probably indigestion.


Overtime Service Fee

2: Not another air conditioning meme

This air conditioning meme be like for reals…

They Said To Use Fans

3: One of the oldest heating jokes in the book

Funny HVAC story for you…

Cue the middle-aged soccer mom wearing a Coach bag and driving a brand new SUV.

Ok, “Karen,” whatever you say.

I Cant Afford New Furnace

4: You’ll never see just a cat after this

One of the funny HVAC memes, or reality? Swear you’ll never see a grey cat again and think about a grey cat again. Bazinga.

cat playing with carpet

5: Ok, dude

Ah, An air conditioning meme at its finest. I met him. Name’s George. He says he does HVAC on the side. I nod and smile and collect the check. George doesn’t know squat about squat.

the expert client

6: “You’re a liar,” I screamed…

But only in my mind… (There are no more real heating jokes than this, friends.)

confronting with a lie

7: Doesn’t want to pay for AC

Air conditioning meme or reality? I’ll let you decide.

popsicles helping to cool down the apartment

8: Same story, new day

“This is the song that never enddssssss…..Yes, it goes on and on my frieeennddd”

got you look

9: The lengths customers go to just to save coin

Ah, AC memes at their finest.

hvac thats too big for a small car

10: My face talking to the customer

Funny HVAC meme or real life? Oh right…this is me at every job.

girl asking question amazed

11: Not today, satan, not today

When you walk into a hoarder’s house.

too much clutter in small space

12: That’s what she said

Ah, heating jokes. They never get old.

double quotes by Austin Powers

13: Um, no Karen

This air conditioning meme got me feelin’ some kinda way…

guys laughing hard

14: When the customer sees the bill

Never saw a more real HVAC meme.

what us this?

15. Hold my beer

I’m going down…


16. Never gets old

Cats + funny HVAC memes = great success!

i am soldering the lineset

17. Isn’t that right, Karen?

Priorities, people.
every 5 years you buy a 30k car

18. Please. Stop.

No, I take that back. Do go on. I need more material for my next HVAC meme, air conditioning meme, or one of my next heating jokes.

hvac engine connected wrong to save money

19. AC done right

You just might need an HVAC tech if your air conditioner is the stuff of AC memes.

crazy home improvement hvac installation job

20. Aka heating jokes that win the internet

Dwight Schrute for the win.

toaster make great housewarming gifts

21. I can see it now

Potential clients “doing the math.”

you say then can save money with hvac

22. Hey, we’ve all been there

You don’t work in HVAC if this never happened to you.

foot trough wall

23. HVAC apprentices have no respect

“This is not an HVAC meme. This is reality. HVAC apprentices today have no respect…..”

-Said every old timer

a total noob

24. Literally every client in the summertime

Sorry, Karen…It is now 5:01 p.m. which means I get to go home. Guess you’re just gonna have to wait till tomorrow. (This air conditioning meme is literally every customer in summer, am I right?)

cant sleep without hvac

25. Reality

Literally every HVAC employee ever.

didnt read the jsa

26. I don’t know

Heating jokes are no joke, son…


27. Not happenin…


hvac tech false promisses

28. Insert a Gene Wilder meme

Would this really be a thread of funny HVAC memes if it did not include a Gene Wilder meme? No. No, it would not be.

oh you do hvac joke

29. It just got lit

Up in here…

It’s history. It’s an air conditioning meme. It’s lit.

the inventor of air condition

29. Ya. No.

Probably a dude from Craiglist. (Sigh, this HVAC meme really gets me riled up.)

leaves tab in condensate

30. Do you know

if you can’t answer the question, do you really do HVAC, or are you just here for the air conditioning memes and funny HVAC memes, bruh?

ac in on but the house is warm

31. No touchie

I’m gonna need a cigarette. Or a valium.

hvac Memes 31

32. We’ve all seen this face

Raise your hand if you’ve been here.

hvac Memes 32

33. Ba dum dum ching!

What HVAC tech doesn’t love some good heating jokes, eh? Eh? Eh?

hvac Memes 33

34. This. This. This.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve said this. 1000? Nay, a million?

hvac Memes 34

35. Says every apprentice

Sure, buddy. This HVAC meme is too real.

hvac Memes 35

36. I mean

Good for the customer, but not for my wallet.

hvac Memes 36

37. So true

It’s different when you’re the one to blame.

hvac Memes 37

38. Don’t get me started

How many times have I heard this? Far, far too many.

hvac Memes 38

39. Please. Stop. Talking.

And the award for the most annoying customer goes to…

hvac Memes 39

40. I’m rippin’ this off, bro

This isn’t one of those funny HVAC memes. This is just smart.

hvac Memes 40

41. That’s how I know

Because I’m a professional…This isn’t a funny HVAC meme. This is reality.

hvac Memes 41

42. My anxiety levels

Justtttt skyrocketed.

hvac Memes 42

43. Good lawd

Thinking of a happy place. Thinking of a happy place. THINKING OF A HAPPY PLACE. (aka “heating jokes gone wrong.”)

hvac Memes 43

44. I don’t want to say it’s hot

But it is.

hvac Memes 44

45. Was that my pacemaker?

Brb, having a heart attack from this soulless HVAC meme.

hvac Memes 45

46. Dang apprentices

Making fun of HVAC apprentices never gets old (sorry, but that’s funny HVAC material.)

hvac Memes 46

47. Something’s gotta give

Hey, we’ve all been there.

hvac Memes 47

48. Not all heroes wear capes

They just wear HVAC uniforms (air conditioning meme of the year.)

hvac Memes 48

49. Better call the HVAC tech

Or you could end up in one of these air conditioning memes, friend!

hvac Memes 49

50. Don’t f**k with cats

Oh, no.

hvac Memes 50

51. I see what you did there

Tee hee. Tee hee.

hvac Memes 52