We at Workiz have found some of the best HVAC websites on the internet to show you what it takes to stand out and attract more customers, all while creating a strong digital presence.

Here are 5 awesome HVAC websites to check out, get inspired by, and learn some best practices to incorporate onto your own HVAC website.

1. Smile Heating & Cooling

Smile Heating & Cooling

If we could give Smile Heating & Cooling an A+ for their website, we would! Their contact phone number is easily accessible, located at the top, left-hand corner of the site, and in the site’s hero shot. The “hero shot” of the website (the main image) shows you what your life could look like using their services, with a smiling family enjoying a crystal-clean home.

They also have a clear call-to-action (Book An Appointment button) that’s located prominently on the site and encourages action. Smile Heating & Cooling also has strong social proof on their site, with a “Best Business” award, certifications, and a 5/5 customer rating mention located at the top of the site, all of which inspire trust.

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2. Midsouth Installers

Midsouth Installers

Midsouth Installers is another example of a top-notch website for HVAC professionals. The phone number is prominently displayed, there’s a prominent “Call Now” button, and they let you know right away that beyond their hours of operation, they’re available for emergency services.

We think the cartoon logo adds an element of personality and fun, and the “Meet the Team” page lets you know straight away who you’ll be letting into your home, something that’s extremely important in-home service.

3. Acute HVAC

Acute HVAC

Acute HVAC is another one of the awesome HVAC websites to go ahead and get inspired by. Not only do they make it really easy to get in touch with prominent phone numbers, email addresses, and a contact form on their site.

They’re also crystal clear on the services they offer, payment options, and even their financing programs. Additionally, their About page (which is one of the most visited pages on your site – fun fact) is engaging and personal.

It also does a great job of telling their story, explaining how they do business, and ensuring new customers that their services are guaranteed.

4. Mauzy Heating, Air and Solar

Mauzy Heating, Air and Solar

Mauzy Heating, Air, and Solar is an example of a great website for HVAC professionals to follow. The “Celebrating 50 years” gives potential customers a feeling of trust in their business. There’s a live, on-site chat for customers who prefer to ask questions online, coupons and promotions, and effective video marketing.

This all helps to tell their story and market their services, allowing them to speak directly to customers and prospects.  Combined with quick load time and a mobile responsive site, this site’s a winner in our book.

5. Air Masters Heating & Air Company

Air Masters Heating & Air Company

Nothing screams “click me” like the giant Request Service button located prominently on the Air Masters Heating & Air Conditioning Company site. First off, the website language is extremely actionable, i.e., it inspires a browser to take action. Their services are also clearly laid out, and the blog regularly updates and contains tips that add value to their site browser’s experience, which we love.

Another great thing is that they show you the coverage area they offer on a map, leaving no room for questions for anyone browsing the site. All in all, this is a great place to get HVAC website ideas for anyone looking for inspiration.

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