A good website is like a window shop to everything you do and who you are, and if it doesn’t attract your clients when they first look at it, chances are they might move on to check out a competitor’s website. That’s why, when trying to get more leads and book more jobs in your home service business, it’s crucial to have a powerful website that is easy to find on search results, easy to navigate, and has a clear call to action. All of these are even more important when you’re the only one operating that website (while acting as CEO: Chief Everything Officer).

However, in today’s digital age, you must ensure your website has what it takes to get more clients for your business by checking off four necessary components.

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Generate revenue through your site

Unlike what many businesses think, your company’s website isn’t just a business card (or a landing page). Your website needs to contain all the info necessary for clients to decide whether and how to contact you.

List your services and a way to book you via phone, email, online booking tool, chatbot, and/or social media. Showcase special discounts or seasonal deals but try to stay clear and not too forceful (no huge “order now” buttons are necessary). Also, avoid fluff or using words that don’t showcase what your business is all about. It’s important to draw your potential customers in and keep them on your page so that they can call you or book you as soon as they make the decision!

Create content that converts

Include CTAs (Calls to Action) that inform clients on how to contact you. Also include fresh content that converts traffic to get you more calls, more leads, and more jobs! For instance, you can tell about your previous successes with other clients, update what’s new about your business, and share what you’re doing for your community. 

Now that your customers are actively considering hiring you, get them on a call so that you can assess their needs and pain points, schedule an appointment, and secure the job! A powerful website can help you get more customers and allow you to upsell other services for those coveted high-ticket invoices. 

Search engine optimization

Search engines (like Google or Bing) are where your customers first find you when looking for a plumber, a locksmith, or any other home services professional. That is where you get seen, booked, and paid, making it a KEY to be high-ranked in search results. 

How do you get there? You can pay for an ad, of course. Still, you can also have a strategic plan to help you stay relevant on the internet with tactics including email marketing, social media management, and website keywords. Just send emails or post every once in a while to ensure that your name would be the first that comes to mind the next time your customers are looking for a home services professional.

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On that note, once you’re booking more jobs, you must have a streamlined system running on the backend to handle your customer calls, texts, invoices, and payments – just to avoid losing them in the pipeline. If you’re still running your business on pen and paper, you might find that challenging, especially when job demand is high. 

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Manage your reputation online

Once you have more clients, more reviews will follow. Reviews can be great for your business, especially when they’re positive because they help you rank higher in many search engines. However, you can’t always satisfy all of your customers, which is why some of those reviews might be less positive than expected. 

So what do you do when you have a bad review? First of all, don’t panic. Even the most successful businesses get negative feedback from time to time. Instead of focusing on one dissatisfied customer, try to improve the general customer experience for your client base by asking yourself the following questions:

-Are you texting your customers if you’re running late? 

-Are you providing easy, one-click payment options? 

-Are you sending invoices on time and following up with automated emails? 

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