There are leads and potential new jobs everywhere, but most of them are online. 97% of consumers searched online in 2020 to find a local business, and 87% read online reviews before making a decision.

Once they decide, they are 40% more likely to close the job with the service that answers them first. This means that the cycle must be fast, professional, and frictionless.

So how can you and your locations tackle this?

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Be where it matters

By understanding this time-critical window, your locations need to play the digital game and be present where clients are looking for them, and this includes search engines such as Home Advisor, Thumbtack and Google Local Services.

Establishing trust with your customers would be easier if your locations had presence and reviews. The reviews and ratings on these platforms can help businesses demonstrate their expertise and reliability.

Connect all the dots to one place 

Managing the lead-to-job cycle in one platform has become more accessible than ever.

Instead of having to jump between different systems to manage leads, schedules, and invoices, businesses can access everything they need from a single platform.

Integrating tools like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and Google Local services can add significant value to this process.

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Land and expand

By integrating with these platforms, businesses can expand their reach and tap into new markets. As a service “match maker” these platforms allow customers to find local services they need.

Finally, integrating these tools can also help businesses save time and money. Instead of having to invest in multiple systems and software, they can use a single platform that integrates with these tools. This can help them reduce their operating costs and focus on providing a better service to their customers.