That’s because they have been replaced by Google Home Service ads. These Home Service ads provide a new advertising opportunity to small business owners looking to better market to potential customers in their area.

Google Home Service Ads combine sponsored local listings with a Google service quality guarantee, promising customers a refund if they have an exceptionally negative experience. However, this would be highly unlikely since Google takes the application process very seriously. Google has issued this guarantee to encourage customers to choose and trust the locally listed businesses. They can confidently announce this guarantee because it’s not possible for just anyone to become a Google Home Service provider. All applicants must fill out an information form and go through a background check before receiving approval.

Google Home Service ads

So how does Google Home Services work?

Well first, you search for a specific service in your area, let’s say “locksmiths in San Francisco”. The page that loads will show the different service pros in your area, their ratings and contact information. These ads show up at the very top of the search results page, above everything else. From there, the ads allow the consumer to send requests to multiple service pros at a time, and then the service pros send a quote back to the consumer.

The great thing about Google Home Service ads is that you can compare service providers side-by-side and read through the reviews. At the same time, customers can send requests to service providers. This is all integrated so seamlessly that the whole process can be completed without having to navigate away from the Google search page

How can you advertise on Google Home Service?

Home Service ads run through AdWords Express and are available only in certain cities throughout the United States (the list is constantly being updated and changed by Google.)

What can service providers advertise?

  • Locksmiths
  • Plumbers
  • Cleaners
  • Handymen
  • Painters
  • Garage door pros
  • Electricians
  • HVAC pros
  • Auto glass services
  • Roadside assistance services

*However, Google is constantly updating this and changing this list.

Why should your business use Google Home Service Ads?

Google Home Service Ads rewards virtuous and professional providers. Approved home service pros will have direct access to the web interface, access to a bid and listing management app, can collect leads, communicate with clients, and much more. In addition, Google Home Ads do not charge based on clicks or views, but by leads.

How is Google Home Services Ads different from AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s main advertising service. With AdWords, local business owners can more easily connect with potential customers in their area. The issue is, AdWords allows businesses to spend advertising dollars on the type of customers they find important. So, having an ad appear at the top of a search page doesn’t necessarily indicate quality service. It only indicates a business owner was willing to pay a significant amount of money so that people like you would see the advertisement.

With Home Service Ads, quality service is guaranteed. Literally, they guarantee up to $2,000 in total compensation if you have an exceptionally bad experience.

Home Service ads are ranked based on a variety of characteristics, like: distance to customers’ location, review score, number of reviews, hours, responsiveness, etc. If a business has a bad rep or a history of complaints, they will not rank well if at all. No matter how much they spend!

The future of Google Home Services Ads

Google is clearly taking their time rolling out Home Service ads; though they will eventually be available across the United States, possibly spreading internationally. Right now, there are only a handful of services offered (listed above, although ever growing). It could be likely that we see Google begin to include more aggressive professional services like medical, legal, real estate agents, beauty services, etc.


Google Home Service ads will bring in more customers for small business owners, and the program is slowly, but steadily rolling out. If you are a home-service provider, you should understand Google’s new program so that when it arrives in your city, you can take full advantage and dominate the market.

Though the program is only live in selected cities, they are currently accepting applications from service providers across the US. The application process does not take long, you only need to answer a few questions about yourself and your business, and then Google will then run a background check to confirm everything.

Sign up today and prepare your business so that when Google Home Services launched in your city, you’re the first verified provider.