The next 30 days can make or break your cash flow, so let’s go over some marketing changes you can implement today.

1. Find unexpected customers with lead generation sites

Lead generation sites like HomeAdvisor are great if your website is not bringing in enough leads from SEO because they handle a huge portion of the marketing that connects you with buyers. To quickly get more locksmith jobs, you’ll have to bring in qualified leads.


  1. Avoid popular sites: Don’t ignore major sites like HomeAdvisor altogether, but definitely give up-and-comers a try. Super, a home maintenance subscription service, pays pros more than Thumbtack on average. Check out our list of (50 websites like Thumbtack) to find more hidden gems.
  2. Find the USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Every lead generation site strives to stand out from its competitors, but which one is best for locksmiths? You can usually find a unique selling feature to give you an advantage on a website’s About, How it works, or the FAQ page. For example, ZeusHandyMan only handles immediate projects, which is perfect for emergency locksmiths!
  3. Track advertising spend: Once you launch your ad campaign, you need to know your return on ad spend (ROAS). This amount tells you if your leads have brought in more money than what was spent on advertising. With Workiz’s ad tracking tool, you can determine which ads (and which lead generation sites) are the most successful. If you want to get more locksmith jobs, observe your ad campaigns and get rid of underperforming ads, so you don’t lose money.

2. Get locksmith jobs booked in 30 seconds (even when you’re not working)

An online booking page is a widget on your website or social media that allows your prospects to book and pay for a job without you being present. Let’s go over a few best practices to show you how to get more locksmith work and never miss out on potential leads.


  1. Make an irresistible offer: If prospects don’t come within an immediate time frame, you can create urgency with a special offer in your ad. Have all the information available for prospects to schedule correctly so they don’t go elsewhere.
  2. Make it convenient: With Workiz’s online booking app, you can connect your booking page on your website, Facebook, Yelp, and Thumbtack profile. The best part is that prospects can schedule an appointment in three easy clicks!
  3. Send reminders: During a car lockout, emergency locksmiths are needed ASAP. Prospects usually call 2-3 services at once. To hold their attention, send an automated voicemail to book online if the office is busy.
  4. Set boundaries: In order to get more locksmith jobs, you must sync your booking page with your calendar so prospects can only schedule your services when you’re available.

3. Get a higher conversion rate with Google Local Ads

Google allows Locksmiths to advertise to customers in your area with Google Local Services Ads. Only three businesses are shown on the first page, which results in a higher conversion rate for advertisements.


  1. Control your budget: How do you get more locksmith work? By spending wisely, of course. Your budget depends on your region, lead count, and industry. Based on Google’s estimator, a locksmith located in San Jose, California can expect to pay around $1,000-1,400 for 100 leads per month.
  2. Get (new) positive reviews: If you already have a Google My Business page, your current reviews will be transferred over. However, having the most reviews in total doesn’t get you into the top 3 slots. Google’s rating system prioritizes businesses that are currently pulling consistent positive reviews, even if they have less than competitors.
  3. Respond fast: The faster you respond to leads, the higher your ranking. Google doesn’t give an exact time frame to respond to inquiries, but we recommend within an hour.

4. Facebook organic, Marketplace, and paid

Have you tried using Facebook to get more locksmith jobs? There are three platforms on the service: organic (leads that come when someone shares your post), marketplace (leads that find your listing), and paid (through an advertisement) to build a customer base.

  1. Organic: Create content that is engaging (like a locksmith meme) and post in your city’s local group to generate leads to your Facebook business page.
  2. Marketplace: You can’t list your services, but you can sell your locksmith inventory and post your storefront to bring in new leads. Be sure to make your address, number, logo, and special offer clear in your photos.
  3. Paid: Create a 30-second to 1-minute video ad answering common customer questions and providing your solution. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and you can film it on your phone. On average, expect to pay $0.97 per click.

5. Truck wraps

If you want to get more locksmith jobs, advertise with a vinyl wrap on your work vehicle. Your trucks should be branded with an eye-catching design, but most importantly, your vinyl should never be worn-out.

6. Fliers

If you’re a Google user, you have the option of designing and printing your own marketing flyers and stickers with their marketing kit program. Hang them on utility poles, outside hardware stores, or auto repair shops. Make sure the fliers are visible and don’t get lost between other fliers.


Does your locksmith business (and employees’ salaries) depend on getting more work within the next 30 days? You might be under pressure, but it’s possible to find plenty of leads who need your services right now.

Try out Workiz today and get your own chatbot, ads tracking tool, and much more! 

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