That’s the (some would say “insane”) amount of money that the US government – under the new president Joe Biden – will invest in infrastructure across the country. The government will allocate its funds to build new highways, broadband, and bridges to update its deteriorating public works system. As a result, home services professionals should expect plenty of new job opportunities, especially in parts of the country where their expertise is needed.

But, before you pack your bags for the countryside, there are a few things to consider. For one thing, this is America, and competition will be fierce from seasoned professionals in rural areas who know their trades better than anyone else – so it might not be an all-warm welcome for newcomers. Secondly, because the bill doesn’t mention specific projects across the country, some people worry that the government’s investment may first focus on big cities with low-income populations rather than small towns with the same income level.

Will your business benefit from the new U.S. infrastructure bill?

That depends on the nature of your business. Naturally, the most sought-after professionals at the moment are those with expertise in construction. Plumbing and electricians will probably be the main beneficiaries because of their usefulness in building roads and bridges. Appliance repair professionals may also benefit from construction companies looking for help in improving their gear. Even networking technicians can expect more opportunities as one of the main objectives of the bill is to connect all of America to the wide web.

However, because government contracts are always something every business owner, you should make sure to seize the opportunity before it expires. Start by ensuring that you have a reputable online presence and that project managers can find you at the top of search results when looking for the services you offer.

Second, contact your municipal connections to see if anything is planned in your area. If you can submit your candidacy, do so even if the project isn’t starting anytime soon. We all know how government contracts can either pre-schedule themselves or delay beyond reason.

Third, make sure to keep an eye out for new projects, even if it just means following the news on the infrastructure bill. Opportunities will be sure to turn up as soon as government officials decide on how to allocate their budget and where to.

What to do if selected for the job?

Congratulations! Now that you’ve been selected to work on a public infrastructure project, here are some essential things for you to know.

– You’ll need your own personal tools and equipment. Get yourself the best gear for the job; it’s worth spending more money than you might think at first because these projects can take up an entire year of one person, and if done right, they can contribute to your resume better than any job in the private sector.

– You’ll need to wear appropriate clothing – a hard hat, steel toe boots, and other safety gear. If you don’t have any, make sure you get them. The last thing you need on the field is to deal with an accident that could have less severe consequences with the proper protective clothing.

– Bring your own food and water if the site won’t provide it for you; being hydrated is not a risk you want to take when working long hours in direct sunlight.

– Bring music to listen to, and also bring entertainment like books or games. It’ll help if you have downtime at the job site.

What about my current customers?

When not invested in big government projects, take good care of your existing client base. If the works mainly happen on weekends and holidays, visit your clients during weekdays. If you only have time at night, make sure to schedule jobs accordingly.

It’s understandable if you can’t answer all your client’s needs while working on a larger project, but that’s not a reason to lose your loyal customers to another business. If you have employees, make sure to establish trust between them and your client base. Also, don’t miss out on calls and opportunities just because you can’t always be on call. Workiz’s phone and scheduling system can help you efficiently manage work, either in the field or at customers’ homes, easily and at any time of the day (or night).

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