A clean, easy-to-use, and actionable website is your first chance to make a good impression and win over a new customer.

So, we at Workiz have found four of our favorite examples of awesome websites for pest control companies to inspire your site to be its very best.

Universal Exterminating

Universal Exterminating is a site that automatically brings a smile to your face.

From the cartoonish, dead bug in the logo to a fly icon when you mouse over on the site, it’s bright, colorful, and grabs your attention.

Their phone number is prominently placed, and the site is driven towards one call to action, which is to Get a Quote.

Universal also has a clear map showing the area they provide service to, leaving no room for questions.

With goofy cartoon images of all the pests they exterminate and an explanation about each, the site is playful and with personality, yet informative.

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With a lightning-fast website loading time and a wonderfully mobile responsive website, PestNow is a pest control website design that makes you stop and take notice.

We like that it prompts a site browser to enter a flow to get a price quote for services. They have a three-step process in the main hero shot of the site. That makes this really easy.

It’s also great that they’ve made it easy for agents and customers alike to log into the site.

Customers are also easily able to pay their bills online and free up call service staff for things that require a human touch.

Additionally, they clearly list the metro areas in Virginia and Maryland that they service, on their Service Areas page, leaving no room for questions.

Johnson Pest Control

Johnson Pest Control is a web design for pest control companies that we can get behind.

What’s cool is that they leverage the power of customer reviews to give a favorable first impression to prospective customers.

They’re also doing a great job of using lead capture forms for customers who don’t want to call and aren’t quite ready to book services yet.

We’re also a fan of their wonderfully personal About Page (one of the most read pages on your website – fun fact!)

With links to their social media, they’ve given prospective customers a number of ways to connect and get a feel for this company before they buy.

Griffin Pest Management

Griffin Pest Management does a great job off the bat of letting you know the relevant areas that they serve.

To do this, they get really in-depth about the cities they serve on their Service Area page.

They also make positive reviews a prominent part of their website experience, which helps provides trust to any prospective customer.

They also make it very easy to leave a customer review and use strong signs of trust like their advertised “100% total customer satisfaction guarantee.”

All in all, this is a great web design for pest control companies to learn from and get inspired by.

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