So why not do both? In this informational webinar by Google’s Local Services Ads and Workiz, learn about how to get more bookings without even having your potential customers leave Google! 


In 2021, where “on-demand” culture is at the heart of every product or service we consume, there’s no reason for the home service industry to fall behind. If your customers already look you up online and are okay with your location and price range, why shouldn’t they be able to book you with just one click? All you have to do is use Workiz and Google’s Local Services Ads integration to allow prospects to book a job with you right from the Google page. 

There are endless advantages to this easy function. For starters, it helps you target the right customers by narrowing down your service area. It can also help you book jobs when your dispatchers are unavailable, and especially when a job is urgent. It saves your dispatch & scheduling team time by coordinating the job’s exact time and date. In other words, it helps your customers book jobs easily while saving you precious time to get more jobs done and make more money!  

Furthermore, the integration enables you to have instant communication with your customers and prospects. That means that you avoid losing jobs in the pipeline because of missed phone calls or simply because it was easier for the client to book another vendor. Customers today don’t like being left in the dark. They are used to receiving instant confirmation messages when making online purchases and even when ordering takeout. Your services shouldn’t be any different.  

A few things to consider

Before you move forward with implementation, it’s important to know that this integration is currently only live for certain types of service businesses. These include Locksmith, Plumber, HVAC, Garage door, Electrician, House cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Pest control, Tree services, Junk Removal, Window Cleaning, Appliance Repair, Lawn Care, Moving Services, Roofing, Window Repair, Water Damage Restoration, Fencing Pro, Foundations Pro, Landscaper, Siding Pro, Countertop Pro, Carpenter, Flooring Pro.

No worries if your business wasn’t on that list. As Local Services soon add these types of services businesses as well: General Contractor, Handyman, Home Inspector, Home Security, Home Theater, Pool Cleaning, Pool Contractor, Sewage System & Snow Removal.

One more aspect to consider here is that your Local Services Ad page should be updated with all of your service areas and hours. We’d hate for you to miss out on jobs because of outdated company info. It’s also recommended to list your differentiators, meaning all the things that make you stand out from the competition. While price offers and guarantees are excellent best practices, values like “eco-friendly” and “family-owned” should also do the trick. 

If your business offers more than one type of service (say, HVAC and plumbing), Local Services recommend having a separate ad for each line of work. By doing so, you can match the job scheduled with that of the technician whose specialty is in that area. 

One last thing to keep in mind is your availability. Customers can utilize the booking feature to schedule an appointment whenever they want. In contrast, companies without the Booking feature on their Local Services account must be available for customers to schedule during business hours when someone on your team is available to answer the phone. 

Get started instantly

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If you’re already loving Workiz, be sure to activate this integration so that you can get an edge over your competition!  And while you’re at it, check out another solution for not letting any job fall through the cracks. Learn more about our Online Booking and Call Queuing features that enable your customers to book a job from anywhere, at any time of day or night.